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Women Who Lied

About Rape
Kimberly rodriguez

Women lie about rape when they

fail school exams.
A student named Rhiannon Brooker knew her
party lifestyle was catching up with her when the
law student failed her bar exams. She told her
exam committee that her performance was
affected by extenuating circumstances and had
her boyfriend charged with multiple counts of
rape and assault, including punching her so hard
in the stomach that she miscarried. She faked her
own injuries to support the charges. The accused
spent 36 days in jail before police confirmed that
he was at work and had alibis for each of the
alleged rapes. Brooker was sentenced to three
and a half years for false allegations.

Women lie about rape for

When Cori Lynn Osieckis boyfriend broke up
with her and started spreading rumors, she
decided to exact revenge on him by filing a
rape charge. She was taken by ambulance to
the hospital, where a rape kit was collected
and an investigation was started. Eventually
Osiecki admitted that she had lied about the
assault because she wanted to get back at

Women lie to get sympathy.

Lindsey Attridge was having some relationship problems
with her boyfriend and needed to win some sympathy
from him. She trolled Facebook and found a picture of a
26-year-old man and his 14-year-old brother whom she
had never met and reported them both for a violent
rape. To make her story more credible, she punched
herself in the face, ripped her clothing and told police
that the two men had broken into her house while her
boyfriend was away and subjected her to a brutal
attack. Both were arrested and had their lives turned
upside down as word of the charged spread throughout
the community. Attridge eventually admitted to making
the whole thing up and was sentenced to 200 hours of
community service. She has never apologized and her
boyfriend dumped her.

Women lie about rape to

make boyfriends jealous.
Hannah Bryon was mad at her boyfriend for
breaking up with her. Wanting some attention
from him and to make him jealous, she told him
that a man whom she had been flirting with
attacked her on a bridge, raped her and then
threw money at her to get a taxi. The man
whom she identified as her rapist was arrested
and put through a stressful examination and
questioning but was able to provide police with
evidence that he had not attacked her. She was
given a suspended sentence and 150 hours of
community service.

Women lie about rape to explain

why they are looking at porn.
When Elizabeth Coasts mother discovered her looking
at porn on the internet, Coast explained that her
actions were the result of sexual abuse she had
experienced at the hand of a neighbor. Coast testified
that when her neighbor was 14, and she was 10, he
had sexually molested her. Her testimony was
compelling enough to secure the mans conviction. He
was sentenced to seven years and served four of those
until Coasts guilty conscience became too much to
bear and she admitted that she had lied about an
innocent man. Coast was sentenced to two months in
prison for her lie and must pay the man $90,000


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