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From Abdullah bin Umar r.a, he said, "I
heard the prophet Muhammad, said:" each
one of you is a leader and take
responsibility for what they lead. Imam is
a leader and is responsible for its people.
The man is a leader in the family and is
responsible for all the family. A
subordinate is a leader for property
master, da he is responsible for the safety
and integrity of his treasure. And you are
the leader and responsible for everything
that leads ". (H.R.Bukhari Muslim)
Ajarab above hadith shows that Islam upholds one's
responsibility. The responsibility has to do with a tub
and liabilities. People who are rich are responsible for
possessions, and is obliged to pay zakat / infaq of such
property. He also reserves the right to use it as
dikehendakinnya of origin in accordance with the rules
of GOD SWT.?Hadits above also explains that virtually
all men are leaders. Thus, everyone
mempertangungjawabkan everything that is its
responsibility. Mentioned in the hadith, for example
seseorangn maid is a leader for his employer's
And every human being is responsible for the
discharge of duties and tasks entrusted it will be held
accountable before GOD later in the day of reckoning.

Surat An-Nahl
Ayat ke 93


Meaning:? Had Allah willed, He
made you one people (only),
but Allah mislead whom He
wills and gives guidance to
whom He wills. And you will
surely be questioned about
what you used to do. (16: 93)
The verse describes a foundation and general
rules concerning the human relationship with
Allah through His word, Allah is not willing to
force people to believe in him, but God wants
people to choose the creed and teachings on
their own will and choice. But because people
do not choose religion and faith are one, they
have a variety of religions and beliefs.
However, Allah has given the means to
become a guidance for mankind, namely
manual and resourceful nature that comes
from within and that the prophets and
scriptures. Humans can discern between truth
and falsehood through such means.
Allah will not deter those who choose the path
of misguidance and turn away from the path
of truth. Likewise, those who choose the path
of truth, God will help them pursue this right
path. Keep in mind that the will and the
freedom to choose does not mean the form of
sacrilege on the responsibility. Man must take
responsibility for what they choose. Humans
are not forced to choose something. Everyone
has the right to determine his choice; be it
the truth or error. But responsibility, reward
and punishment of fixed in position.?. All
actions and human behavior be it small or
large will be held accountable on the Day of
The relationship between etiqutte with Culture: Meta-ethical cultural
relativism worldview is philosophically that the menyatkan that there is
no moral truth is absolute, truth must always be adapted to the culture in
which we conduct our social lives as each social community has a
perspective different the truth of ethics.

Closely related to moral etiqutte . etiqutte or moral human okeh can be

used as a forum to evaluate the nature and temperament. etiqutte is
always associated with culture as an interpretation or assessment of the
culture. etiqutte has the value of truth which should always be adapted
to the culture because it does not have the danl absolute moral
standards that vary depending on the prevailing culture in which we live
and what social life we live.

Good or bad an action that depends on the prevailing culture. Moral

principles should be adjusted to the norms in force, so that a good thing
if it is said in accordance with the prevailing culture in the social
environment. For example Eskimos beranaggapan that infantisid actions
(killing a child) is a common practice, while according to the culture of
America and other countries this action is an immoral act.

A premise of the so-called "Dependency Thesis" said "All moral principles

derive from cultural acceptance Reviews their validity". Adjustments to
this culture is not entirely to be maintained and it takes a premise that
development is more robust.