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Tip s to Low er You r P h osp h oru s Levels

W h y d o I care ab ou t m y p h osp h oru s?

Healthy kidneys remove excess phosphorus from your body, while damaged kidneys
cannot remove phosphorus very well.
Your body needs some phosphorus to repair your bones and teeth. Phosphorus also
helps nerve function and makes your muscles contract. However, too much
phosphorus can be bad for your body. It can can cause calcium deposits in your blood
vessels, lungs, eyes and heart. This can lead to bone and heart problems that may
require hospital stays; high phosphorus can even lead to death. You may not have any
physical signs that your phosphorus levels are high, but some symptoms of high
phosphorus levels can be bone pain, itchy skin, and red eyes.

W h at is m y p h osp h oru s
g oal?
3.0 to 5.5

H ow can I low er m y p h osp h oru s levels?

Avoid or limit high phosphorus foods
Remember, portion sizes count!
Read nutrition facts labels and list of ingredients, watching out for hidden
Take your phosphate binders with meals and snacks, as your doctor prescribed
Some examples of binders are: Renvela, PhosLo (Calcium acetate),
Fosrenol, Caltrate (Calcium carbonate)
Binders come in pills, chewable tablets, powder and liquids

H id d en P h osp h oru s in food s m ay in clu d e:

Dicalcium phosphate
Disodium phosphate
Monosodium phosphate
Phosphoric acid
Sodium hexameta-phosphate
Trisodium phosphate
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
Look for PHOS in the word to find hidden phosphorus!
S om e H ig h P h osp h oru s Food s S om e Low er P h osp h oru s Food s
Milk Non-dairy creamers, rice milk, soy
Cheese milk
Yogurt Cream cheese, sour cream
Ice Cream Soda: Lemon-lime, grape, strawberry,
Beer cream soda, root beer
Cola Popsicles, Sherbet
Chocolate Unsalted Popcorn or Pretzels
Whole grain breads, cereals, Sugar cookies
crackers Corn or rice cereals
Brown rice Cream of Wheat
Pizza White bread
Avocado Fresh meat, fish or poultry
Nuts, seeds Apples, berries, grapes, plums
Bananas Green beans, cabbage, carrots,
Beans, Peas and Corn cauliflower, bell pepper, cucumber,
Processed meats (hot dogs, lettuce, onion
sausage, bologna)
Many canned foods
Rememeber, portion sizes also play a role in how much phosphorus you are getting
from foods. Consult your dietitian and doctor to provide specific recommendations
based on your individual needs.

Word Search List

(Answers to questions can be found on this handout)
1. What is mineral to I need to limit?
2. If prescribed, what do I take with
meals to lower phosphorus?
3. What are two things in my body that
can be damaged by high phosphorus
4. What can be a symptom of high
5. What is a beverage high in
phosphorus that I should avoid?
6. What is a snack high in phosphorus
that I should avoid?
7. What is a desert low in phosphorus?
8. Name a type of binder
9. My phosphorus _____ is 3.0 to 5.5
1. Phosphorus 2. Binders 3. Heart, Bones 4. Itching 5. Milk 6. Nuts 7. Sherbert 8. Phoslo 9. Goal