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Business Communication

Developing Conversation

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Developing Conversation


An employee with good problem solving ability, technical skills and

attitude is considered as valuable asset, and with good
conversation skills is an invaluable asset.

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Topics Covered

Exchange of Pleasantries

Exchange of Likes and Dislikes

Exchange of Facts

Exchange of Observations

Exchange of Opinions

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Exchange of Pleasantries

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Exchange Of Pleasantries

Pleasantries are simple, polite, and pleasant remarks made

in a conversation.

Please to meet
How are you? Congratulations

Pleasantries are used to create congenial environment or


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Exchange Of Pleasantries

Generally, we use declarative and exclamatory

sentences to exchange pleasantries.


Fantastic! you have done a good job.

It is nice to see you again.

Good to see you.

Bravo! It is a great piece of work.

I am happy to be here with you.

It is great pleasure to have on my team.

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Exchange Of Pleasantries


The ABC team meets together to celebrate the successful launch

of their new product. Enact a role play of exchanging
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Exchanging Likes And Dislikes

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Share Likes And Dislikes

We all have likes and dislikes and they may or may not match
with others.

Share Your Likes Share Your Dislikes

Unity in diversity

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Exchange Likes And Dislikes

Generally we use declarative sentences to share our likes and

dislikes. Often, we speak about ourselves, but sometime we
speak about others about whom we know well.


I never used this tooth paste.

I used to have only green tea and two apples for breakfast.

I love programming.

I cant bear suspense.

I dislike Smartphones.
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Exchange Likes And Dislikes


Enact a role play discussing your likes and dislikes, and place
an order for a group of friends from the menu provided.

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Exchange of Facts

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Exchange Of Facts

Fact is a thing which really exist or truth

To exchange of facts one needs concrete data

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Exchange Of Facts

Generally we use declarative sentences to exchange facts.


I had pizza in Italy.

The world Biodiversity conference is going on in


My father was a scientist in Germany.

This player has played fifteen matches.

There is 30% increase in the number of trainees joining

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Exchange Of Facts


Write a few facts and your inferences based on the picture.

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Exchange of Observations

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Exchange Of Observations

Observations are experiences about things you come across

Exchange of observations are descriptions of experiences

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Exchange Of Observations

Generally we use declarative and exclamatory sentences to

exchange observations.


She has been wearing a Red T-Shirt every Friday.

The number of Trainees being recruited from TS has

increased by 20%.

OMG ! There was heavy traffic this morning.

The police are working overtime now-a-days.

The TS 2 trainees have picked up the concepts quicker than

the TS1 trainees.

Wow! What a beautiful garden.

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Exchange Of Observations


Watch the video and narrate your observations

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Exchange of Opinions

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Exchange Of Opinions

Opinions are declarations or suggestions about a

concept which is in question.

Exchange of opinions are exchange of point-of-views.

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Exchange Of Opinions

Generally we use declarative, exclamatory and

interrogative sentences to exchange opinions.


Ooh! It is too hot, isn't?

I dont think this is a good idea.

I agree only with the first two points that you

made yesterday.

I feel you must accept your mistakes.

I dont think this scooter will start today.

I guess, we need to stay here till morning.

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Exchange Of Opinions


Based on the graph provided share your

opinion about its usage. Do you agree?

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Exchange Of Opinions

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