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A Red Card for Fossil Fuels


Complete your paragraph from last lesson explaining what are the best
and worst ways to generate electricity.

Next, fill in this table with the best and worst ways to generate electricity

Good ways to generate electricity Bad ways to generate electricity

Climate Change
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?
Why are they called fossil fuels?

Becausetheyhave been formed

from thefossilizedremains of
prehistoric plants and
animals.Fossil fuelsare a non
renewable energy source
sincetheytake millions of
years to form. This means they
are finite (limited in supply).

Task 1 Make a Graph from this Challenge 1

data: Think back to last lesson.
Where does the world get its Task 2 - Which fossil fuel do we How does this information
Energy? depend on most? Can you about global energy compare
explain why? to the UK? Give reasons and
Coal 25%. Oil 35%. Gas 21%. evidence to support your
Nuclear 6%. Hydro 2%. Other findings.
renewables 11%
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?
Oil (Crude Oil) is the most important and valuable of the all fossil Task 3
fuels. It is often used to generate electricity but it is also crucial Identify 10 ways you used Oil
to transport as its used to create petrol and diesel. It also has today?
other often surprising and important uses.

Oil is also used in all these products; Challenge 2

At school - rulers, crayons, ink and printer cartridges, glue. Imagine the UK has banned
For your health: coatings for pills, contact lenses and creams. the use of crude oil and oil
In the home:Clothing, fabrics, nail polish, deodorants, shampoo, based products.
paint, upholstery and carpets, detergents for washing up and
laundry, dry-cleaning fluid, mobile phones, tablets, laptops. How would your life change
Shopping:shopping bags, credit cards, egg cartons, plastic milk
bottles. 1) In one week from now?
Cooking:non-stick pans, cling film, storage containers. 2) In one year from now?
Building: pipes, insulating material, paint.
On the move: petrol and diesel for cars and lorries, emergency Scary Fact If everyone in
services and trains, asphalt road surfaces. the world used Oil at the
Farming and Gardening: fertilisers, pesticides. same rate as people in the
USA it could run out in 8
What are GHGs?
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?

Using Fossil Fuels as an energy Task 4 Challenge 3

source can create problems and For each activity consider Add additional activities
damage. what damage could be caused. and suggestions of damage.
When fossil fuels are
burned, a gas called
carbon dioxide is
released into the
atmosphere. This table
shows the amount of
carbon dioxide in the
air in different years.
Follow the instructions
to turn these figures
into a line on the graph
below. The graph
already has a line
on it showing the
average global
1) What has happened
to the amount of
Carbon Dioxide in the

2) What link can you

see between the annual
global temperature rise
and carbon dioxide?


What do you think has

caused this link to

A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?
Fossil Fuels give off carbon dioxide when they
burn. This is a greenhouse gas which prevents
Task 5. Summarise in no more
heat escaping the earth. Without any Carbon than ten words the viewpoint on
Dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere the causes or effects of global
earth would get very cold and we would not be warming outlined in each extract
able to survive. However the level of carbon
Dioxide has been rising ever since the
Challenge 4 + 5
industrial revolution 200 years ago and it 4. Why do you think experts
rising very rapidly now. This is causing Global cant agree about the causes
Warming through a process called the or effects of global warming?
5 Why might some groups of
Enhanced Greenhouse effect. Its also causing people, want to argue that
climate change which means as the global global warming is just a natural
temperature rises some places will have more process?
floods and storms and other areas more
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?
A Red Card For Fossil Fuels?
A Red Card for Fossil Fuels?

Damage to
Questions to Discuss the
What are the most significant effects of
using fossil fuels?

What will be the most significant effect

of the rising cost and expense of fossil
fuels? Problems
Global Problems
Warming with Fossil with Supply
A rise in the price of oil will normally lead Fuels
to a rise in the price of food, can you
explain why?

Why is oil and access to oil often a source

of conflict?
Cost and
Unit Progress Review