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| Chinese culture has many festivals

likes Chinese New Year, Chap Goh Meh,
Moon Cake Festival and others.
| Chinese cuisine like Bah Kut Teh, Char
keow teow and other are the most
popular Chinese food.
| Chinese dress is unique such as
Cheongsam and others.
| From this assignment, we can know
how better Chinese culture with their
language, art, clothing, etiquette and
all of their cultureÊ
a From his head ascend two tall
plumes, tracing in the air.
a Two feathers of a ho bird (a
kind of pheasant good at fighting)
symbolize a bold and warlike
spirit, that of the ho.
a traditional Chinese clothing is
not only an external expression of
elegance, but also an inter
a The three main types of
traditional Chinese clothing
are the pien-fu, the ch'ang-
p'ao , or long robe, and the
a The pien-fu is an ancient
two-piece ceremonial
costume, a tunic-like top
extending to the knees and a
skirt reaching to the ankles.
a The ch'i-p'ao is a
traditional Manchu design
still popular today.
a Women often wear the ch·i-
pao, chinese long gown.
a But also got in short one.
J DE«..
aThe word "jade" communicates
a sense of mystery.
a "jade" (yu) refers to a fine.
a Beautiful stone with a warm
color and rich luster, that is
skillfully and delicately carved.
a Symbolizes nobility,
perfection, constancy, and
M RRI GE«...
Before married:
a Young people have to pay a formal
visit to each other's parents.
a (BOY) When visiting - the boy has to
bring with him the betrothal gifts in
order to show sincerity.
a When the gift received - the boy and
the girl are engaged.
a (GIRL) When visiting - the parents
have to prepare a formal gift for the
future daughter-in-law.
- The e has
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hes aess
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eess es a e Ê

a wedding has to be held on

a day which symbolizes
goodness. People will choose
the best day based on the
Chinese Lunar calendar, or on
any festival days.

a The young couple will have to

greet the parents-in-law to be
with a cup of tea each and the
parents will return the daughter-
in-law to be with a red packet of
money inside.
a One very important procedure is
the banquet. t the banquet, the
newly wed has to drink half glass
of wine for a pair of glasses
linked by a ribbon by cross-hand
and drink the other half of the
a believed that the newly wed will love
each other more dearly.
a The head, tail and the whole skeleton
of the fish should be left untouched so
as to symbolize a good start and end of
a marriage.
a Chinese New Year starts with the
New Moon on the first day and ends on
the full moon 15 days later.
a The 15th day called Lantern Day.
aThe Chinese family will eat a
vegetarian dish called jai;
such as:
* Lotus seed - signify having many male
* Ginkgo nut - represents silver ingots
* Black moss seaweed - is a homonym for
exceeding in wealth
* Dried bean curd is another homonym for
fulfillment of wealth and happiness
* Bamboo shoots - is a term which sounds
like "wishing that everything would be
* Fresh bean curd or tofu is not included
as it is white and unlucky for New Year as
the color signifies death and misfortune.
a whole fish, to represent
togetherness and abundance.
a chicken for prosperity.
a The chicken must be
presented with a head, tail
and feet to symbolize
a Noodles should be uncut, as
they represent long life.
aThe family gives public
notification by wailing, pasting
up banners, and other acts.
a Family members don mourning
attire of white cloth and hemp.
a They ritually bathe the
a They make food offerings and
transfer to the dead (by
burning) spirit money and
various goods.
a They prepare and install an
ancestral tablet at the domestic
a They pay money to ritual
specialists so that the corpse can be
safely expelled from the communityÊ
a They arrange for music to
accompany movement of the corpse
and to settle the spirit.
a They have the corpse sealed in an
airtight coffin.
a They expel the coffin from the
community in a procession to the
gravesite and sets the stage for
a Referred to in the west as yin and
yang used to describe how polar or
seemingly contrary forces are
interconnected and interdependent.
a symbolized by various forms of the
Taijitu symbol.
aThe first important event for
the newly born baby is the one-
month celebration.

a On the morning of the baby's

30th day, sacrifices are offered
to the God, so that the baby will
be protected in his subsequent
aRelatives and friends receive
gifts from the child's parents
which is red eggs.

a Symbol of changing process

of life and their round shape
is the symbol of harmonious
and happy life.
a They are made red because red color
is a sign of happiness in Chinese
Ú Ú 
a s a conclusions, the benefit that we can
conclude based on the assignment as a Malaysian
we should learn others festivals or religion for our
knowledge and reference.
a s we know, Malaysian is multi- racial country
different kinds of festivals celebrated throughout
the year.
a Chinese culture and Chinese traditions are
a The Chinese have a rich tradition and culture
that gives importance to health, spirituality, food
and eating habits.
a There are many Chinese culture like Chinese
Festival, Chinese food, Chinese clothing and
a The culture made our nation more understanding
about culture and religion and we will be celebrate
together for all different culture.