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SSI 3013

Nur Aina binti Zainuddin (D20152072026)
Norazlin Nafisah binti Suhaimi (D20152072040)
Norbayu binti Ghazali (D20152072046)
Simulation is a one type of model.
It is classified as stochastic and dynamic.
The purpose is to examine the thing that is too impractical to
perform on the system, impossible on real system and too
expensive to run.
Stella is the one type of simulation.
The components of Stella software is stock, flow, connector and
The software provides virtual experiment.
The experiment was run in order to determine the biological control
in oil palm plantation.
Introduction to experiment

One of the largest agricultural export in Malaysia is palm oil.

The presence of rat in the plantation give negative impact to the
production of palm oil.
This study focus on the use of biological control methods which
is owls to ensure that population of rat in plantation is in
minimum level.
Simulation in this study is created to help observer find and
understand the relationship between oil palm and rat, and also
the relationship between rat and owl.
Normal condition
Rat population = 13000 - Blue line = owl
Owl population = 10 - Purple line = Rat - Red line = palm oil
Red line show positive exponential graph. Blue and purple line increase
and decrease randomly. Blue line goes up and purple line go down.
When population of owl increase, the population of rat decrease and
vice versa.
Rat population = 31000
Owl population = 10

Red line increase exponentially, blue and purple line increase and decrease randomly.
The shape of graph similar with the normal condition graph. But, at y-intercept, rat
population is above owl population.
When the owl population increase, the rat population will be decreases, and vice versa.
At year of 12th , population of rat very higher which is 43,348.25, whereas owl
population is in lower level.
Rat population = 13000
Owl population = 7

The red line still increase exponentially.

The population of rat decrease due to the increase of owl population.
Based on the graph, population of rat will be decrease due to increasing
of population of owl.
Owl is the best way to control the population of rat in the palm oil farm.
Contribution of Stella
Provide deep learning

Know the relationship between the variables

Help students to identify the data of the experiment

Help students to think critically and creatively.