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American and British

Cultural Differences and Similarities

The use of English and shared
history make people think
these two nations are close,
but cultural differences are inevitable as well.
At a lexical level:
At an Accent Level:
American English (AmE) The British English (BrE)
Form of English used in the USA. The form of English used in the
It includes all English accents used Britain. It includes all English
Across the American territory. accents used in Britain.

General American (GA) Received pronunciation

is considered to be standard The British standard English,also called
Or accentless. Queens English/BBC English.
At a pronunciation level:
Spelling Differences
When it comes
to clothes, we can also list
some differences:
Now lets see
some similarities:
Life, Property and freedom
of thought are all protected in both
American and British law.
Both nations; USA and Britain
value capitalism.
In spite of the differences in terms
of pronunciation,accent, and spelling,
Americans and British people are supposed
to understand each other without any major problem.