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Presented by:
M. Ardhimas R. (1028)
Umni Nafiah (1041)
Ratih Ishmawati (1047)
What is an alkali metals?

The alkali metals are a group (column)

in the periodic table consisting of:
Characteristic of alkali metals
The most reactive metals in the periodic table
Alkali metals are very soft, the heavier ones
can be cut with a butter knife.
Elements in alkali metals only form simple
positive ions (+1 ions)
All of these elements can be identified using
flame tests.
Flame Test for Alkali

Litium : Red
Natrium : Yellow
Potassium : Purple
Rubidium : Red
Cessium : Blue
Element number 3
A soft
Solid element with a density
of 0.535 g/cm3
An extremely electropositive
The highest oxidation
potential of all elements.
Lithium Battery
Lithium is much in the news because of its
current and anticipated future use in lightweight
Lithium batteries are especially desirable
in applications such as pacemakers, where the
battery must be small and have a very long
Lithium is a metal that can replace Lead
(Pb) to make battery that is lighter in weight as
well as it has improved power density.
Components of Lithium Battery

Positive electrode : LiCoO2, LiFePO4

Negative electrode :C
Electrolyte : Solid, liquid, polimer
Separator : PE, PVC, PTFE, PVC
Current collector : Alumunium foil (catode)
Cupper foil (anode)
Charging in Lithium Battery
Discharging in Lithium Battery
Chemical Reaction during
Charge and Discharge

LiCoO2 + C6 Li1-xCoO2 + C6Lix
Types of Lithium Battery

Lithium-ion Lithium polymer

Usually, used for Usually, used for non-
removeable battery removeable battery

Using liquid electrolyte Using polymer electrolyte

Using at least a 100 small

Using 14 large single cells
Advantages of Lithium Battery

Lithium-ion Lithium polymer

Relatively smaller than Li-
The battery is removable

Relatively cheap Flexible and thin

300 500
Lighter than Li-ion battery
charge/discharge cycles
Conducting power much
Disadvantages of Lithium Battery

Lithium-ion Lithium polymer

Easyly explode if contact
with fire
Relatively more expensive
Bigger than Li-Poly
than Li-ion
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