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Started with an invitation for a group

of young professionals to give a talk

on morality for college students in
Mater Dei College (Tubigon, Bohol)

The group decided to give a seminar-

workshop Love Revolution.

June 20, 2011:

Pure Love Club Visayas
Another invitation came from
Philippine Science High School in
Argao, Cebu on September 7, 2011 to
high school students
Invitations from different schools kept

The need to formalize the group

Brainstorming and making of group

portfolio in Mountain View on
September 2011.

I. C.A.N. was born.

Stands for:
Integrity- Chastity- Affability- Novelty

I. C.A.N. is a character formation program which

aims to revolutionize present-day society by
promoting and restoring the sense of values
among the youth.

It seeks to equip the young generation with

core values needed for self-knowledge and
mastery, self-development and self-giving in
order for them to be effective members of
The program is promoted by a group of
young professionals who are deeply
motivated by a desire to encourage young
people be responsible for their own
character development, rise to the current
challenges and create the pattern of habits
and disposition necessary to live good and
successful lives.
Mission: To provide high school and
college students and young professionals a
good character formation program that will
help them be a positive influence to society.

Vision: To develop a society of young

people who embodies and promote values.
I. C.A.N. stands for four core values needed for
self-knowledge and mastery, self-development
and self-giving:

adherence to moral and ethical principles
through a deeper understanding of self,
freedom and responsibility

a deeper understanding of human sexuality
and the true meaning of love and
generosity towards ones neighbors
to foster meaningful relationships

a climate of excellence and high level
of culture as a catalyst to change
oneself, society and eventually the
world through promotion of
leadership and dedication to a life-
long learning
To provide a character formation program
that promotes and restores the sense of
values among high school and college

To equip the young generation with core

values needed for self-knowledge and
mastery, self-development and self-giving

To form and train high school and college

students that will embody and promote
I.C.A.N. principles
I CAN Live
- Provides the youth with seminars and
training on personality development:
- Topics: Temperament
Setting life goals
Time management
Career orientation & planning
Study and work ethics
Financial education
Career orientation by Grace Lanioso at
Indiana Aerospace University on
February 23, 2013 (Batch 1) and March
2, 2013 (Batch 2) (Soong, Lapu-Lapu

Talk on Setting life goals by Mark Arrabaca

at Cordova Public College on July 2012
(Cordova, Cebu)
The Power of Excellence (On time
management and fostering study habits) to
Education Majors at Cebu Normal University
on February 16, 2013

Seminar-workshop on Temperaments
by April Kyamko at Cordova Public
College (Cordova, Cebu)
I CAN Love
- Provides the youth with seminars and
workshop on understanding human
sexuality and human relationships

- Topics: Theology of the Body

True Love Waits
Dating and Courtship
Living the Single Life
Authentic Femininity
Pure Manhood
Before I Do
A talk on Theology of the Body by Fr. Henry
Bocala at City Suites, Cebu City on February 5,

Discussing issues on human sexuality with

BSEEd Majors at CNU on September 20,
A talk on Strengthening Family to DepEd staff at
Golden Prince Hotel on September 20, 2013

Organizing group of friends to

attend conferences by
international speakers, Jason &
Crystalina Evert
Attending Youth on the Path to Greatness
by international speakers Chris Stefanick and
Leah Darrow with teachers at Sto. Nino
Mactan Montessori held at Waterfront Hotel.

What To Do until Love Finds You? A talk on

appreciating the single life to young women
professionals at Banilad Study Center
I CAN Lead
- Provides the youth with seminar-
workshops and training on
leadership and mentoring

-Partnered with Charis Foundation,

Inc. and adopted UNIV: Leading
Leaders Program
An overnight Basic Leadership Training of
the Student Executive Board of Indiana
Aoerospace University at Alta Resort and
Convention Center (Cordova, Cebu) on
June 8-9, 2013.

Basic Leadership Training Seminar of GenLites

(CNU BSEEd) on April 10, 2013 at
Consolacion, Cebu
I CAN discussing partnership with Charis
Foundation, Inc. with Mr. Chris Tiu (Charis
President) and Mr. Oliver Tuazon (Charis
Executive director) on March 1, 2014 at
UA&P, Manila. I CAN core group attending the CHARIS
Leadership Summit on March 1, 2014 at the
University of Asia and the Pacific (Manila)
I CAN Reach
The Outreach arm of I. C.A.N.
which provides the members and
volunteers an avenue to help the
poor and needy in society by
organizing relief operations in
response to calamities, visits to the
poor, pilgrimages, social activities
and excursions
Charis Foundation and I CAN team up for
MACS Project at San Remegio, Cebu last
January 12, 2014 for Yolanda Victims
Jeumont Cabaesas, MD
May Chelle Astilla-Cabaesas, MD
He: former chief resident of
VSMMC Dept. of ENT
ENT Specialist
She: Internal Medicine in CHH
Fellowship training in Oncology in UST
Expertise: Human sexuality,
Courtship & Dating, Professional
ethics, Human virtues, Leadership
Mark Reginold Arabaca
AB Philosophy, San Beda College
Former Manager, Human
Resource department - Visayas-
Mindanao Region (San Miguel
Current: Manager, Human
Resource Visayas-Mindanao
Region, PMFTC
Expertise: Human Virtues, Life
Goals, Career Development,
Engr. Robert Joseph P. Quinto
BS Electronics & Communication
Engineering (Ateneo De Manila
Masters in Entrepreneurship
CEO- Watermains, Inc. : started own
business at age 23
Expertise: Executive Director, I CAN
Management, Leadership
Engr. Joemar San Pedro
BS Mechanical Engineering, Cum
Laude (University of San Agustin-
Piping Design Engineer, DASH
Engineering Philippines
Financial adviser: AXA Life Philippines
Founding Chairman, Radical
Investors Club
Expertise: Human Virtues, Time
Management, Work Ethics,
Leadership, Financial education
Hershe B. Legaspina
AB Psychology, University of the
Marketing Manager, CEED Marketing
Insurance adviser, ManuLife Phils.
Branch Womens Moderator: Ang
Lingkod ng Panginoon-Cebu
Training director, Junior Chamber
International Zugbuana
Expertise: Life Goals, Career
Development, Time Management
Leadership, Financial education
Atty. Aimee Co-Paja
BS Political Science, Cum Laude
(University of San Carlos)
USC College of Law
Former Legal Adviser, Office of
the Ombudsman
Currently taking up further studies
in Law (USA)
Expertise: Life Goals, Career
Development, Human Virtues,
Human Sexuality
Annely Jane R. Celocia, MD
BS Biology, Magna Cum Laude (University
of San Carlos)
Doctor of Medicine, Cebu Institute of
Diplomate in Family & Community
Associate Professor, Dept. of Gross
Anatomy, CIM
Diploma on Basic Sexuality Education,
Valencian Institute of Fertility & John Paul II
Pontifical Institute for Family Studies
Founder, Stars Club
Chairman- Community Service &
Development, Cebu Megamoms
Multipurpose Cooperative
Expertise: Human sexuality and
relationships, Family dynamics, Human
virtues, Leadership, Professional ethics
Jo Belle Marabiles
AB Linguistics & Literature,
University of San Carlos
Professor for Linguistics and
Literature (USC)
Founder: Talenzville Learning
Creative director, Choose
Expertise: Communication,
Public Speaking, Arts,
Leadership, Fashion
Engr. Therese Celocia-
BS Electronics & Communication
Engineering, University of San
Network operations engineer,
Smart Communications, Inc.
Financial consultant, PruLife UK
Expertise: Dating & Courtship,
Leadership, Financial Education
April Jean A. Kyamko, RN
BS Nursing, Velez College
Student Body Organization, Vice-
MS Nursing major in Leadership
Nursing, Cebu Normal University
Clinical Research Nurse, Cebu
Doctors' University Hospital, 2011-
Senior Clinical Trial Associate,
Quintiles, Present
Founder, Choose Tuesday
Expertise: Human virtues,
Temperaments, Leadership, Work
Kayle Jhan L. Yap, RN
Bs Nursing, Velez College
SBO, Treasurer
Diploma in Professional Education,
Cebu Normal University
MS Nursing, CNU (Current)
Clinical research nurse, Cebu Doctors
University Hospital
Executive director, Choose Tuesday
Expertise: Personal & professional
development, Temperaments, Study
and Work Ethics, Leadership