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Translation is as basic a human activity as creating
originals. Its a natural trait of mind to express anything
noticed new in the language one follows naturally.

Translation always requires an active human

involvement to come out in a welcome shape. Machines
would always have a limited and supporting role in
translation because they can only perform in a defined
way. They cannot think and from here the concept of
fundamentals arises.

Simple and precise
Be close to original

Before starting translating anything, make sure you read through your text a
couple of times and understand that first. One should pay attention to every single
word, instructions (Style Guide and the Glossary) carefully. Reading is immensely


Think before you start translating. Its important to understand the domain, text,
language pair, context and the audience. It is necessary to think clearly towards
coming out with a good piece of translation.


The success of a translation is measured on how the audience accepts it in the

target language. It must sound as if it is written in the target language itself. It
must be as close to the original as possible in size, flow, and narration.

There are always a need and scope in translation to be simple and precise. The
very purpose of translation is defeated if the message is not conveyed to the
reader in the target language. You never recollect a complex translated document.
We tend to use heavy terms while translating. We have to resist this and opt for
the simpler terms wherever possible.

Follow the Source

Follow the Rules
Maintain Consistency

A major challenge in translation is to follow the tone, style, and structure of the
source. Its always safe and wise to follow the source.


Always follow the rules of language and grammar. A grammatically correct

sentence is rarely a wrong translation. Being grammatically and linguistically
correct is like speaking the truth. You dont need to remember what you said the
last time. This curtails half of the efforts at the review level. This ensures
consistency of language and style.


Consistency is the basic requirement of localization tasks. To a certain extent, it

is more important than good quality. And consistency is not restricted just to
language, but it is also required in style, terminology, and narration.

To Translate or not:

In technical translations, certain things are not to be

translated. These are mostly company and product
names, trademarks, sound marks and patents. They are
not translated because they are known and identified in
their original form, color, and shape. One has to be very
judicious in making these decisions
Translate or Transliterate:

This requires a very sound linguistic judgment, particularly when you do not
have specific guidelines on what to translate or transliterate. For this one should
read the guidelines properly before initializing the project.

We just transliterate company and brand names, product names, domain specific
terminology and proper names. Terms like file, folder, profile, call, settings,
shortcut, operator, menu, media, gallery, card, video, clip etc. that are widely used
in local languages in their adopted form are generally transliterated. However one
have to be particular about their correct representation in the target language. We
should use correct phonetic sounds to represent correct pronunciations in the
target language.

Cultural Challenges:

We often come across typical terminology and names (Hangul Hanja, Katalan). It
is pardonable if you misspell an unheard name unless its not culturally offensive.
But a good translator would go and find native speakers to find the correct
pronunciation of a typical term or name.

The above challenges are addressed by:

Follow common phonetic convention

Searching the web

Speaking to a native

Another important thing to remember is to respect the cultural

sensitivities in translation. Never use offensive words in translation.
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