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Job Interview Questions

for Prospective
Business Education
What Business Education courses are you
ready to teach immediately?
How have you prepared yourself for these
What textbooks did you use during your
student teaching experience?
Give me an example of a discipline problem
you had with a student.
How did you handle it? Include the interaction
you had with the department chairperson,
principal and parent.
What was your biggest success in the
classroom while you were student
How would you replicate this type of
What was your biggest disappointment in
the classroom while you were student
How would you change a future
Which club would you want to advise and
why? DECA, FBLA, other?
Tell me more about DECA.
How many members?
What types of projects did they carry out?
How much money did they raise?
How did they do it? How did they prepare their
students for the contests?
Tell me more about your experience in
the school store.
How did it operate?
What did the students sell?
Who were your vendors (by name).
Did students receive credit for
working at the school store?
How much profit was generated each
Tell me about your involvement in
professional associations such as the
SCBTA group.
What are the requirements for the New
York State Business Honor Society?
Assume you were discussing high school
graduation requirements with one of your
students and his/her parents. Explain the
details of a Career and Technical Education
How will you make a difference in our
Business Education Department?
Added Value
Tell me what you know about the career
planning process.
What elements should appear on a career plan?
What activities should a student experience in
order to help in the decision-making process?
Tell me how you would run a work experience
Are you certified? How do you feel about
training plans?
Can we give a student school credit if they are
working for their parents off the books?
Tell me how would you set up and
run an advisory board.
What do you know about distance
learning or on-line learning?
How do we bring these programs to
our school?
We need someone to run a job fair for
our school.
Can you do this for us? Explain in
Describe your own computer literacy
What software programs can you use
and teach?
We need someone to create a webpage for
our department.
Can you do this for us? Explain in detail.
Give me an example of how you
demonstrated team work during your
student teaching experience.
Give details, the challenges, and the
What are the three most important
knowledge/skills you bring to this
How would the Business Education
instructors at the school at which you
completed your student teaching describe
Give examples to validate their positions.
Why should we hire you?
Do you have any questions?