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Sigua, Mae Ann Louisse G.

Proposed Interior Design of 4 Chosen Areas at a 4-Storey Bridal Couture Shop, Makati City

Statement of the 1st Area: 2nd Area: 3rd Area: 4th Area:
Problem Reception Area Showroom Fitting Room w/ Lounge Designers Office
1) How to Placing a set design inspired Placing a catwalk would give Achieve the feeling of Both theater and fashion
incorporate the from a theater stage the brides the sense of being being inside a theater by show inspired theme to
concept of a showcasing a story by using in a fashion show, assuring getting inspiration from bring life to appointments
fashion show and simple props and spotlights them the best of quality and the theater audience, and conferences.
a theatre into a that could be a head turner designs displayed. Spotlights walking through a fashion To give the feeling of
bridal couture and provide an inviting and other lights focusing on show while fitting and being on center stage
shop? atmosphere. the dresses and the aisles to using design to calm the with the designer by the
Using eye-catching designs give a dramatic sense to the excitement by not being use of lights.
to create initial excitement. marketing and advertising. too loud, bright and To give the sense of
Visual Merchandising to colorful that could be a relaxation by placing
advertise and attract more major distraction. neutral hues with pop up
clients. accents for balance.
2) How will the The area will be designed in By planning to layout the By planning to layout the By planning to layout the
new business such a way that its space interiors in such a way where interiors in such a way interiors in such a way
concept be a trend requirements are all fulfilled there is a lot of space and no where there is a lot of where there is a lot of
and entice brides and aesthetically pleasing in narrow walkways. Also, space and very eye- space and no narrow
to consider a unique way due to its considering the temperature catching designs. Also, walkways. Materials
visiting the bridal concept while having purely of the country, ventilation considering the displayed in the office
couture shop? its functional character. By and air conditioning are temperature of the will be a huge inspiration
planning to layout the placed for the comfortability country, ventilation and to both the designer and
interiors in such a way where of the clients. The addition of air conditioning are the client as they both
there is a lot of space and no the function of the space plus placed for the customize the dress.
narrow walkways. Also, the unique way of presenting comfortability of the Productivity is also a plus
considering the temperature the merchandise will surely clients plus the due to the unique
of the country, ventilation entice brides to consider fashionable and fun atmosphere and aesthetics
and air conditioning are checking out the shop. experience while fitting given by the theme.
placed for the comfortability and checking out the
of the clients. dresses.
3) In designing a space, By placing designs that By placing designs that By placing designs that By placing designs that
how do you make it less the customers can relate the customers can relate the customers can relate the customers can relate
intimidating? to, and giving the feeling to, and giving the feeling to, and giving the feeling to, and giving the feeling
of a welcoming space to of a welcoming space to of a welcoming space to of a welcoming space to
the area. For example, the area. For example, the area. For example, the area. For example,
having fun patterns, having fun patterns, having fun patterns, having fun patterns,
designs while balancing designs while balancing designs while balancing designs while balancing
the lightness and darkness the lightness and darkness the lightness and darkness the lightness and darkness
of colors. of colors. of colors. of colors.
4) What are the types of Downlights and wall Low, Diagonal Front Daylight and Cool Light Daylight and Direct
lighting that could show sconces are commonly Lights and Back Lights Bulbs for Fitting Room Lighting for the
the sense of being inside used in theatres for for Catwalk. Downlights for seeing the correct workspace as it is needed
a fashion show or a dramatic effect and and Low Front Lights for color of the merchandise for productivity and
theatre? lighting. For window audience mannequins and in daylight. Wall Sconces function-wise. Dimmers
displays, Low and by using Dimmers in the for added effect and for Presentations and
Diagonal Front Lights clearances to make the yellow lighted accent, LCD Projections.
and Spotlights for extra merchandise pop out. and Dimmers for the Spotlights for art,
emphasis as used in lounge to emphasize the mannequins and others
fashion shows. fitting area. for aesthetics and

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Sigua, Mae Ann Louisse G. 4ID-7
Incorporating a Fashion Show and a Theatres Concept to 4 Chosen Areas at a 4-Storey Bridal Couture Shop, Makati City

Area Name 1st Area: 2nd Area: 3rd Area: 4th Area:
Reception Area Showroom Fitting Room w/ Designers Office
Lounge Area

Area 1st Floor/Ground Floor, Frankie De 2nd Floor, Frankie De Leon 3rd Floor, Frankie De 4th Floor, Frankie De Leon
Location Leon Haute Couture Makati City Haute Couture Makati City Leon Haute Couture Haute Couture Makati City
Makati City

Area 10 m x 7 m = 70 sqm 10 m x 7 m = 70 sqm 10 m x 7 m = 70 sqm 10 m x 7 m = 70 sqm


Area In its most basic form, a reception The showroom is a large Fitting rooms, or Designers offices (Fashion
Functional area is a section of a building space space where things that are "dressing rooms in Designers) are often rooms
Description that is intended to welcome visitors for sale are displayed. It is a general are rooms that feature rails along the
and to also serve as a waiting area space which allows wholesale where people try on walls so the team can hang
for them until they are met by the buyers to view fashion clothes, such as in a and display garments.
person that they came to the place merchandise for sale in the department store, Swatch collections are
to meet with. It is also the area retail stores. The showroom clothing store, neatly arranged on shelves,
wherein the receptionists plan features a seating area for the boutiques etc. A fitting serving as reference for mix
appointments for the clients to meet comfort of the clients while room is usually matching or for quality and
with the designer or to schedule a marveling at the bridal composed of individual texture scrutiny. This office
dress fitting. This specific reception creations. rooms in which to try will be normally used for
area contains a window display to on clothes before appointments and
showcase the brand. making a purchase. personalized/customized
Design The establishment only had a There was no showroom in the The original fitting area in Originally situated at the
Problem receiving area with no original plan of the establishment, the building was placed ground floor, the
reception desk, so the due to more customized orders beside the receiving area in researcher transferred the
researcher planned to add it from clients. The space allocated the ground floor with designers office to the
for better representation. for the showroom will be the standard sizes. The area will fourth floor to give way to
There is very little space and whole 2nd floor. To attract more be converted to a reception the reception area. The
no window displays to clienteles, a showroom is needed area, and the fitting area will fourth floor originally
showcase the bridal shop. to showcase the sample creations be transferred to the third contained living quarters
Having no window displays, of the designer. The application of floor. The second floor is for staff. Half the floor will
it doesnt show the buildings visual merchandising techniques originally the working area be converted to a
brand or company. The and advertising tips are also of the staff, there are sewing designers office. The area
reception area must contain a necessary. This will also serve as tables, sewing materials will be a private office and
social atmosphere and a reference for the clients preferred storage and cutting spaces will entertain the client and
provision to accommodate dress. The space will be designed for fabric. The space will be her entourage if a custom-
PWD clients. Due to little with seats like on a theater-type converted into three fitting made gown is preferred for
space, the whole floor will be setup for an occasional fashion areas that could discussion. Considering
designed as a reception area show or related events. Problems accommodate at least 10 the clearances needed for
with one fitting area and a in the 2nd floor mostly tackle the people, 13 at most. An alter each workstation and table,
lounge space for discussion. irregular-shaped layout, dull color discussion area is also it will be a challenge to
Problems in the ground floor schemes, ineffective lighting provided for conversing with design the layout for the
mostly tackle the irregular- (some to bright, some too dim) the alteration manager. The office. The area will focus
shaped layout, ineffective and the lack of air conditioning. area is irregularly shaped and more on inspiring, relaxing
lighting and the lack of air The study is focused on applying has very little space. The and giving excitement for
conditioning. Planning to fit and incorporating a fashion show space also contains the clienteles by placing
so many spaces in one area is and a theatres concept to the ineffective lighting, easily beautiful wedding portraits
a challenge. The study is reception area by adding iconic fractured furnishings due to and wedding gowns in the
focused on applying and elements for each concept in the termites, and dull wall paints. area. The space is
incorporating a fashion show area. As well as, focusing on The study will focus on irregularly shaped with
and a theatres concept to the visual merchandising and applying the a fashion show very minimal lighting and
reception area by adding advertising. and a theatres concept by ventilation/air
iconic elements for each adding both set designs and a conditioning. It is also
concept such as set designs platform for strutting in the designed with dull colors
and model poses for the area. As well as, focusing on in the walls, requiring
window display. As well as, visual merchandising and change while considering
focusing on visual advertising. the balance of the lightness
merchandising and and darkness of colors.
Design 1)To apply the deep atmosphere 1)To apply the 1)To give the clienteles the 1)To incorporate both
Objectives of the theater concept to the fashionable atmosphere feeling of being on center stage theatre and fashion show
reception area by placing design of the fashion show by recreating a theatre stage inspired themes to the
elements and iconic elements in concept to the showroom (set design and red curtains) interiors of the designers
the interiors by placing iconic and a small runway with their office to bring life to
2)To give the feeling of a elements in the interiors very own spotlights appointments and
welcoming and inviting space by 2)To visually inspire and 2)To give the entourage the conferences such as
featuring portraits of recently attract the clienteles feeling of being in a theatre by pictures, magazines, posters
designed bridal couture to give attention by showcasing having dimmed lights in the and videos featured on the
the clienteles the feeling that they the merchandise with lounge with bright stage lights walls
can relate spotlights, backlights, shining on the stage 2)To give the sense of
3)To visually attract more clients, diagonal lights and front 3)To create a relaxing but relaxation by placing
window displays beside the lights to give the bridal exciting environment by neutral hues with pop up
reception area will be enhanced to creations their center adding neutral colors, pastel accents on walls, ceilings,
showcase the designers creations stage colors and fun patterns inside furnishings and flooring for
4)To enhance the excitement and 3)To create an exciting the area, specifically the walls, balance
fun atmosphere by placing atmosphere by recreating ceiling and the flooring 3)To give the feeling of
colorful patterns on the walls and a runway, complete with finishes being on center stage
furnishings that will complement mannequins and a set 4)To design the area with (feeling prioritized) with the
the dresses design on a decorative proper acoustics on divider designer in the office by the
5)To achieve the desired solution, backdrop for the creations walls to minimize commotion use of lights
design solution, standard 4)To balance the lightness and noise on the same floor to 4)To create an inspiring
measurements, necessary and darkness of colors on avoid distractions atmosphere by displaying
furnishings and space clearances the walls, ceiling and 5)To properly design the various materials, fabrics
will be observed and applied flooring lighting layout by choosing the and colors around the
6)To create an atmosphere and 5)To provide a wider correct light colors, fixtures designers office
environment that will promote space for convenient that would lessen energy 5)To design the lighting
inspiration and patience by clearances for a number consumption and beautifies the layout in terms of function
placing media such as television, of people clienteles naturally as they use (suitable for a workspace)
music and pictures to divert ones 6) To abide by the the fitting area and aesthetics
attention to another Building Codes 6)To abide by the Building (ambient/accent lighting)
7)To abide by the Building Codes requirements by Codes requirements by 6)To abide by the Building
requirements by following the following the following the Accessibility Codes requirements by
Accessibility Law, Fire Safety etc. Accessibility Law, Fire Law, Fire Safety etc. following the Accessibility
Safety etc. Law, Fire Safety etc.