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Hmong people were living in
china during the time in the
History south of Asia.
Hmong has no written
The Hmong went to war with
the Chinese over for 200
They discover the Yellow
French took over Laos then
Japanese took over next.
Communist taking over
Legend has it that the Hmong were
HMONG IN a brave and strong group.
Thousands of years ago, they
CHINA fought against the Han Chinese to
protect their land and culture. The
Hmong won 9 out of 10 battles.
On the 10th battle, Hmong officials
betrayed their king, Chiyou (Txiv
Yawg). It was because of this
betrayal that the Chinese won the
last battle and captured and
executed Chiyou.
They cut up his body into 7 pieces
and scattered it all over China so
the Hmong people will never be
reunited again.

Hmong language wasnt found
Hmong until the 19 century.
Language They believe that Hmong has a
written language. They burn all
the Hmong book and language
and you did to used the Hmong
language will be killed.
Hmong mean Free.
Hmong were call the Miao
mean savage.
There is one than language in
Hmong but are spoken
There is White hmoob (Daw)
and Green/Blue Mong (Leng)
18 clan
In 1960 the communist took
WAR Many people were killed and
women were rape by the
Vietnamese solider.
There only carry on their back
clothes, blanket, and supply
Hmong people follow other
Hmong to go to Thailand.
Hmong families lost their love
The jungle was worst for the
Mekong River was hard to
MeKong River was hard to
MEKONG cross.
RIVERS Hmong people were not very
good swimmer.
Families watch there love one
shot and drown from cross the
MEKONG Rivers.
"Mae" meaning "Big, Mother,
Boss or Large" and "Kong" is a
short word of "Kongkea" and it
means "Water".
The Secret This is call the secret
because it was a secret.
War The US was helping the
Hmong people fighting
against the communist.
This is the between the
Hmong and the American
Gerenal Vang Pao was
the Hmong leader of the
The journey to Thailand wasnt
Ban Vinai Refugee easy for the Hmong. All they
did was to walk there. Those
Camp who tried to escapes were sent
to died by the Thai government.
The Hmong had no where to
go. Some live their for almost
up to 10 years.
There was little food and water.
The houses were thin.
They have to cross the Mekong
river to get to Thailand. Many
Tiger Story people drown and shot from
crossing the Mekong River.
Only 100,000 were in Thailand.
There are 5 different camp in
Thailand Refugee Camp.
meaning Flower
HMONG came in the May 14, 1976.
Hmong in the
American people mistake us for
US Chinese, Korea, Japanese, and
Vietnamese. May dont know who
are Hmong are.
Some of elder want to go back to
Laos to their hometown.
It is not easy being Hmong. We
speak English at school and
Hmong at Home.
Families came here because they
want their children to go to
school and have freedom.
Because the US lost the Vietnam
War and during the War the
Hmong people had to sacrifice
their lives to save American lives.
That's why the came to America,
to get away from the communist
or they would be killed.
Hmong families raise their children to be
HMONG more independent. Teach their kids how
to be responsible.
FAMILIES Hmong families are close with their
The daughter move on out her family
house and go live with her husband
family now.
Hmong men make the decision to have
Most traditional Hmong elders, especially
men, do not want strangers to touch their
heads, or those of their children, due to
their religious beliefs and personal
Hmong families dont like when a person
said your child is cute.
Having children is
HMONG important in our culture.
FAMILIES In the age of ten girl
started to learn how to
clean and cook to make
sure that they are
responsible when they get
Hmong children are given
a America nickname or a
Hmong nickname.
Families lost their love
one during the war.
We are losing our Hmong
Gender Role of Father: In traditional families, the
father is the head of the household. Have
more wives. Leadership and make
Roles decision.

Role of Mother: Traditionally, Hmong

mothers nurture and take care of the
children. They are responsible for the
household. Have more power than the
men. Hmong women are more important
than Hmong men.

Role of Elderly Hmong: The elderly get

the most respect of all members of the
family and are consulted when important
decisions need to be made. They help
discipline the younger children. Also
raise their grandchildren.

Role of Daughter: take after the mother.

Have good manner and very mature. Start
learning to do thing at the age of ten.
More better than son.
Role of Son: after the father. More lazy.
The Hmong is different from the America
Hmong version. When as couple is about to get
married the bride go live with the groom side
of the family.
Marriage The bridesmaid and groom are provide to
support their leader from helping them.
The boy side of the family make the bride prices
up to $5,000 or higher.
You cant marry the same last in you father
side. You are only allow to marry your mother
Hmong girl get marry in mid-teen. Boys get
marry when their finish their education.
When a husband died his family take care of
the wife and children.
When a young wife husband died she can
choose to marry his younger cousin or brother.
Older man like to go after younger girl.
The bride must follow all the marriage rule and
she loses her clan.
Three different kidnapping. zij poj niam, or
"marriage by capture)
Hmong New A celebration given to us
by our ancestor to
Year welcoming new spirit.
It last for 3 day but, mainly
the culture is to meet new
people and to have fun. It
like Christmas and
It is usually on
Thanksgiving so like black
There is different kind
meat like
There are game, music,
dancing, and more.
Hmong people eat a lot veggie and rice with every
Rice is like in every meal with meat and soup.
In the Hmong pregnancy the women are only to
eat chicken and hot rice.
Hmong elder love to eat pepper.
He was the first Hmong
general during the
Vietnam War.
he had 26 children and
many wives. He help his
brother children and
children as well.
He was only a mid-teen
during the war as a
young solider.
Everyone in the Hmong
society know him.
Famous people in the
Mee Moua First Hmong woman to be elected
Brenda Song was a actress in the Suite Life of
Zack and Cody and in Wendy Wu homecoming
warrior. Mean Xiong.
Cy Thao elected State Representative.
Kao Kalia Yang wrote TheLateHomeComer base
on a true stories about families.
Bee Vang, actor, best known as Thao Vang Lor in
Gran Torino
Ahney Her, actress, best known as Sue Lor in
Gran Torino
Hmong Funeral
The Hmong Funeral last for 3-4 day.
There one 12 soul during the funeral and three major are
call reincarnation soul, residing soul, and wandering soul.
First soul is call the reincarnation soul leave the body at
the death and is reborn in another being body.
Second residing soul stay with the body as it breaks down
and become the ancestral spirit.
Third wandering soul leaves the body during the dream or
to play with other soul or spirit. The wandering are
sometime last in the spirit world and afraid of evil spirit.
YEXUS mean Jesus Christ

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