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Have you ever been wondering what to

do for the future, what should be done

to protect the planet where we live?

Do you know that this earth is now severely

threatened by severe human pollution?
Role We can save our
Environment is an environment with the
essential part of our little step taken by
life. A clean environment everyone on the earth.
is necessary for a
peaceful and healthy
life. In fact 3
1 But nowadays, our
environment is disturbing in
many different ways. It does Time
not only ruin human lives but
also affects on all living
beings. Never is too late to
protect our planet
The Earth is threatened and
We should reduce the amount the future looks bad. What
of waste, throwing wastes can each of us do? We can
properly to its place only, do not clean our polluted rivers
not pour chemicals and waste and oceans overnight. We
oil on to the ground or into
drains leading to bodies of
also can not prevent the
water, reduce emissions from disappearance of flora and
cars by walking or cycling. Lets join as many tree planting fauna.
trips as you can. And plant trees
as more as you can or many
other simple ways. It is very
important to save environment But we can prevent worse
for human existence. When we
things from happening
protect the environment, we are
protecting ourselves and our
while scientists find the
future as well. words, and the laws passed
in the protection of nature.