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New Zealand
Basic Information
officially: Commonwealth of Australia
federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
capital city: Canberra
population: 24 millions of people
density: 2,8 people/square kilometre
land: 7 617 930 square kilometre
currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
anthem: Advance Australia Fair
States and territories
divided into 6 states and 2 territories:
o New South Wales
o Queensland
o Western Australia
o South Australia
o Tasmania
o Victoria
o Australian Capital Territory
o Northern Territory
external territories:
o Christmas Island
o Cocos Island
o Jervis Bay Territory
o Norfolk Island
o Australian Antarctic Territory
o Macquarie Island
42,000 48,000 years ago
1770 James Cook
26th January 1788 Australia Day
convict colony
1825 Tasmania (Van Diemens Land)
1828 - Western Australia
1836 South Australia
1851 Victoria
1859 - Queensland
1911 Northern Territory
Aboriginal Protection Art 1869
early 1850s gold rush
Geographical and climate information
the smallest, the driest and the
flattest inhabited continent
Indo-Australian Plate, Indian and
Pacific oceans
tropical rainforests in the northern part
mountain ranges in the south-eastern
dry deserts in the centre
the highest mountain: Mt.
Kosciuszko (Great Dividing Range)
the biggest desert: Great Victoria
Desert (Tanami Desert, Great Sandy
rivers: Murray River, Murrumbidgee
River, Darling River
coral reefs: The Great Barrier Reef
endemic species:
koala kangaroo
platypus dugong

emu dingo
National Parks
Nambung National Park
Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park
Purnululu National Park
Kakadu National Park
Political system
British Monarch King/Queen of Australia
represented by Governor-General (Peter Cosgrove) at the state
level and by Governors at the federal level
the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
legislative power:
o two chambers of the Parliament + the Monarch
The Senate
o 76 senators, 6 years
The House of Representatives
o 150 members, 3 years
executive power:
o the Federal Executive Council president Governor
o the Cabinet - appointed by the Governor General, senior
o the head of state divided between the Monarch + Governor-
judicial power:
the High Court of Australia + federal courts
Chief Justice of Australia (Robert French) + 6 other Justices
compulsory voting - everyone over 18 HAS to
Parts of Australia
New South Wales
capital city: Sydney the
largest city in Australia
population: 7.5 million
The First State
animal: platypus
Sydney Opera House
Blue Mountains
capital city: Brisbane
population: 4.7 million
The Sunshine State
The Great Barrier Reef
symbol: koala
home state of Bee Gees
o RedCliffe
o Bee Gees Way
South Australia
capital city: Adelaide
the most arid areas
symbol: wombat
population: 1.7 million
The Wine State
highest temperature Jan. 50C
Kangaroo Island
Olympic Dam
o mine, largest deposit of uranium in the world
Western Australia
capital city: Perth
symbol: black swan
Golden State
population: 2.6 million
the largest state by area
symbol: numbat
petrol, aluminium (20% of the
worlds mining industry), gold
Penguin island
o near Perth, 1,200 penguins
an island state
capital city: Hobart
population: 0.5 million
The Apple Isle
symbol: Tasmanian devil
o only found in Tasmania
o endangered 2008

37% of area covered by natural

wool industry
capital city: Melbourne
population: 6 million
The Garden State
animal: Leadbeater's possum
Great Ocean Road
Melbourne Cricket Ground
clothing and footwear industry
aerospace and aviation
Australian Capital Territory
federal district
only city: Canberra
population: 0.3 million
1/5 residents speak different
language at home the
most common Chinese
Australias Federal
Northern Territory
capital city: Darwin
population: 0,24 milion
The Top End
animal: red kangaroo
economy based on tourism
o Kakadu National Park
o Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
horse racing
tennis Australian Open
twice hosted the Summer Olympics
Melbourne 1956, Sydney 2000
Commonwealth games four times
Macadamia nuts
grilled kangaroo
Tim Tam
meat pies
didgeridoo a wind instrument
Kylie Minogue
Natalia Imbruglia
Rick Springfield
New Zealand
Basic information
official language: English, Maori
unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
consists of islands:
o North Island (Te Ika-a-Mui,)
o South Island (Te Waipounamu)
capital city: Wellington
population: 4.7 million of people
density: 14 people /square kilometre
land: 268, 680 square kilometres
currency: New Zealand dollar (NZD)
anthem: God Defend New Zealand
ethnic groups:
o 74% European
o 15% Maori
o 11% Asian
o 8% Pacific people Polynesia etc.
History + Political system
one of the last lands to be settled by humans
Polynesians settled in 13th/14th century
1642 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman
1841 British colony
1907 British Dominion

Political system same as Australia

the Prime Minister: Bill English
Geographical information
North and South Island are separated by the Cook
long and narrow extensive marine resources,
deep fjords,
Taupo Volcanic Zone North Island
the highest mountain: Mount Cook / Aoraki
(3,754 metres) (South Island)
the biggest lake: Lake Taupo (North Island)
national parks:
o Tongariro
o Aoraki
o Paparoa National park
fauna and flora
o tussock grasslands vegetation type, South Island
o birds: kiwi, kakapo, takahe
o fur seal, lot of penguin species

climate varies sharply across the country

o extremely wet West Coast of SI
o semi-arid Central Otago the coldest and the driest part of
o subtropical in Northland
Economy + Industry
historically sealing, whaling, flax, gold, flax (len)
meat and dairy products
New Zealand China Free Trage Agreement
export partners: Australia, the UK, the USA, China,
generally food products (55% of all countrys
wool industry (7%)
39.5% of New Zealands gross energy renewable
resources hydroelectric and geothermal power
important tourism
Tourism + Places of interest
Milford Sound
Waitomo Caves
Lake Tekapo
Hobbiton North Island
o movie set of the trilogy Lord of the Rings, Hobbit Tolkien
Abel Tasman National park
Cities in New Zealand
Auckland the largest city, Sky Tower
Wellington the capital, residence of all
Government buildings
Sport: rugby, cricket,
rugby is the national
sport of New Zealand
haka dance

o Lorde
o Russel Crowe actor,
o Peter Jackson director of
the LOTR