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Philosophy of Man/ Philosophical Anthropology

Grading System
Recitation Recitation Grade 15%
Written Output Average of Exercises, 15%
Reflection Papers

Quizzes Average of Quizzes 30%

Major Exams Average of Prelims and 40%
Total 100%
Course Policies
Students are expected to attend all class periods. The
number of absences allowed shall conform to the
Facultys/Colleges prescription. Even if excused, the student
is still responsible for anything missed in class. Latecomers
are allowed to enter the class, but shall be marked late.
Three instances of arriving late in class are equivalent to one
absence. Special tests are automatically given only to missed
major examinations.
Course Policies
Students are expected to be attentive to the Lecturer during
class lectures. Students are not allowed to use their mobile
phones inside the classroom.

Students are expected to participate actively in discussions,

with the proper etiquette in recitation.

Special tests are automatically given ONLY to missed major

Course Policies
Quizzes are always announced but seatworks may be given

Submission of any requirement through email is prohibited.

Seatworks are collected in bulk. Late and individual
submission of seatwork is prohibited.

Cheating, plagiarism and any act of academic dishonesty

shall render the student an automatic ZERO in that specific
requirement, thus affecting overall grade.
Course Description
This course deals with the philosophical appraisal of the nature of the
human person. A philosophical appraisal of the human person entails
inquiring into the universal phenomenon we call manhis being,
powers, possibilities, and interpersonal relationships. Understanding
man as a universal phenomenon will, hopefully, lead to a better
understanding of human individuality in the context of cultural
difference (and belonging) against the backdrop of a growing global
Casmann: the study of the psychophysical dual nature of man
Etymological definition: philo/philein (to love); Sophia
(wisdom) Pythagoras

Real definition: the science of all things by their ultimate

causes and principles as known by natural reason alone
Philosophical Anthropology
Landmann: philosophical anthropology inquires into the
fundamental ontological structures that constitute man in contrast to
all other beings that exist
Questions under Philosophical Anthropology
What is man?

What is human nature?

What does it mean to be human?

Friedrich Nietzsche: Man is the only undefined animal.

Landmann: Self interpretation has an impact on our self-formation.

Critical Thinking

Is it necessary for the entire humankind to have a

uniform theory on human nature? Is it possible?