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Speaking Listening


Reading Writing
Paper 1: Listening
Candidates will be required to listen to recorded texts
twice and answer questions on them.

There is a total of 20 questions consisting of:

a) information transfer
b) short-answer questions
c) 3-option multiple-choice questions
d) 4-option multiple-choice questions
Paper 2: Speaking
Candidates will be required to perform two tasks:

a) Individual Presentation a) Group Interaction (4 candidates)

-Candidates will be given 2 -Candidates will be given 2 minutes

minutes to prepare for the to prepare points to support or
given task and 2 minutes to oppose the other candidates
present. views.

-Candidates will also listen to the -After listening to everyone in the

other candidates while they are group, candidates will try to come
making their presentations and to a conclusion.
take down notes for the group
interaction. -The group will be
given 10 minutes for the group
Paper 3: Reading
This paper comprises 45 multiple-choice questions
based on passages from texts which may be taken from:

- journals
- newspapers
- magazines
- academic
- electronic sources.

Questions are in the form of 3-option multiple-choice

and 4-option multiple-choice questions.
Paper 4: Writing
This paper comprises two writing tasks:

a) transferring information from a non-linear source to a

linear text and
b) a piece of extended writing.

The stimulus may take the form of linear and/or non-

linear texts.
Paper Code Component Time Weighting (%) Maximum
(minutes) Score
800/1 Listening 30 15 45

800/2 Speaking 30 15 45

800/3 Reading 90 40 120

800/4 Writing 90 30 90

Total 100 300

Six-Band Grading System
Aggregated Band User Communicative Understanding Task
Score Ability Performance

260-300 6 Highly Very good High level of Functions

proficient command of the understanding of extremely well in
user language the language the language
220-259 5 Proficient Good command of Good level of Functions well in
user the language understanding of the language
the language
180-219 4 Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory level of Functions
user command of the understanding of reasonably well
language the language in the language
140-179 3 Modest user Fair command of Able to understand Able to function
the language but with some but with some
misinterpretation effort
100-139 2 Limited user Limited command Limited Limited ability to
of the language understanding of function in the
the language language
Below 1 Very limited Poor command of Poor understanding Hardly able to
100 user the language of the language function in the
Tips for Listening
Listen attentively! Focus!
You can write down notes use short forms.
MUST AVOID grammatical, sentence structure
and spelling errors.
Tips for Speaking
Ask the examiner if you dont understand the
Divide your paper into 4 sections; A B C D.
Write your points in point form to avoid
Alert with the time.
Elaborate at least 3 points.
Speak according to this format:

1. Greetings (Good morning to the examiners and my

fellow candidates).
2. Repeat situation (Today we are talking about...etc.)
3. Main Point (The point I would like to discuss is...
4. 1st point (Firstly,.. , This is because,.., Moreover,...,
For example,.. , Therefore,... )
5. 2nd point (Secondly,... , This means that,... ,
Furthermore,... , For instance,... , Thus,...)
6. 3rd point (Finally,... , This is due to the fact that... ,
In addition, Take for example..., Hence,... )
7. Conclusion (In a nutshell, etc.)
Use your hands to gesture and explain your points.
Marks will be awarded for 3 categories:

1. Task fulfillment - Did you understand the

question and give a relevant and mature
2. Communicative ability - Did you have good
eye-contact, body posture, gestures,

3. Language - Do you have good command of

the language with extended vocabulary?
Do not dominate the discussion or be too passive.
Be cooperative agree or disagree or provide
information when asked.
Respect the opinions of others.
1. Good morning to everyone. 21. Therefore,
2. Good morning to the examiner and all 22. Hence,
my fellow candidates. 23. Thus,
3. A very good morning I wish to the 24. However,
examiner and fellow candidates. 25. Other than that,
4. Today we are talking about 26. On the other hand,
5. The situation I have been given is 27. Conversely,
6. According to the situation 28. Consequently,
7. Based on the situation given 29. Subsequently,
8. I have 3 reasons to justify my point. 30. In contrast,
9. First and foremost, 31. For example,
11. Firstly, 32. For instance,
12. Secondly, 33. Take for example,
13. My second point is 34. and so on.
14. Another reason is 35. and many more.
15. Finally, 36. and others.
16. Lastly, 37. In conclusion,
17. Last but not least, 38. As a conclusion,
18. Moreover, 39. In short,
19. In addition, 40. In a nutshell,
20. Furthermore,
17. Excuse me, may I interrupt please.
1. Lets kickstart this discussion by 18. Pardon me for interrupting but..
starting with.. 19. Id like to add something please.
2. Allow me to begin 20. May I say something?
3. May I begin by saying 21. Could you please hear me out?
4. I agree with you. (NOT:IM agree) 22. So what do you think, Candidate X?
5. Thats a great idea! 23. How about your point of view?
6. I see your point! 24. Candidate X, what is your opinion?
7. Thats an interesting perspective. 25. Does anyone agree with me?
8. I like your suggestion. 26. Why dont we consider the other points?
9. Indeed! 27. I dont understand, can you please repeat?
10. I concur with your point of view. 28. Im sorry I dont understand, can you please
11. Im sorry but I disagree. elaborate again?
12. Im afraid I have to disagree with your 29. In conclusion, ALL OF US agree that
idea. 30. To conclude, MOST OF US agree that
13. I dont see eye to eye with you. 31. In a nutshell, SOME OF US agree that while the
14. Thats not a good idea/suggestion. rest prefer
15. I beg to differ. 32. As time is running out, it seems that ALL OF US
16. Im sorry for interrupting but cant seem to agree on a single point so
33. Thats the end of this discussion, thank you.
Surfing the internet has many advantages. However, in recent
years, there has been a growing concern about the negative
effects of the internet on young people. At a forum organised
by your college, you have been asked to speak on one method
of decreasing the negative effects.

In your opinion, the best method of decreasing the negative

effects of the use of the internet is:

Candidate A: More parental control

Candidate B: stricter laws on cybercafes
Candidate C: increased government control over the Internet
Candidate D: guidance on Internet surfing provided by schools

Elaborate on your point.

Tips for Reading
Alert with the time!
Underline important points.
Not sure with the answer? Skip the question,
attend it later.
Dont know the meaning of the words? Try
to guess them from the context.
Start increasing your vocabulary NOW! Read
newspaper, magazine and any other material.