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By: Amani Beydoun

Is a law issued in the United States in 1990

It protects people from being discriminated against due

to their own disabilities.

Whether at school, work, on the bus, in a taxi, or in

state or government locations.
This law applies to State and Local Government owned

It protects people with disabilities from being discriminated against

in services, programs, and activities provided by State and local
government ownership.

For all activities of State and local governments nevertheless of

whether these organizations receive Federal financial assistance.

1 in 5 Americans have a Disability(2012)

With a

Some examples of types of
life actions?
A person who have a record
of a physical or mental
damage that considerably Breathing
limits one or more of the Walking
persons major life actions.
Among others!
It gives everyone in the United States a fair chance!

Getting an education and having a career is for EVERYONE.

Someone who is Deaf.
Someone who is Blind.
Someone with an intellectual disability; Someone
with Down Syndrome or Autistic.
Someone with an HIV infection or even Cancer
Someone who cannot walk on their own, who are
confined to a wheel chair, a walker or even
Someone with schizophrenia.

Assistive Technology
for Students with
Learning Disabilities
A device that can help with simple activities like reading or

A device that can help you hear better

Any sort of device or applications that is made for people with

disabilities in order to help them succeed in the classroom
Youtube has incorporated closed captioning to its

Why You Ask?

For a student with a disability ;this makes research so much easier. If you
cant hear the information now you may read it.
Created the Alt Tag

Associated as a Screen Reader

Which will read the text to you out loud
An Alt tag is also attached to Images. So that it describes out
loud what the image represents.

Not only used by someone who is Blind,

you can be dyslexic among other things .

Very helpful tool, making it easier while researching

the web or typing your own stories on Microsoft
It offers support with everyday tasks like reading,
text out loud
Understanding words
Sip-and-Puff Systems

Used by a students/Adults with mobility challenges: meaning

Someone who is confined to a wheelchair
and or has a fine motor skill; who cannot speak

This technology allows them to be connected to a computer,

Mobile device, Tablet etc with just a puff.

To direct their wheelchairs! Making it easier to get around

Flashes or flickers can trigger seizures in
vulnerable individuals also dizziness or nausea,
headaches ETC..

When created a webpage or a PowerPoint

Presentation; Avoid Flashes and Flickering
Lets respect everyone!

And Give everyone a FAIR CHANCE

Thank you
Please visit https://www.ada.gov/ for
any questions or concerns you may