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American with Disabilities Act


What the American with Disabilities Act is?

Law began in 1990.

This law is to protect these humans.
It open to them all areas of public life.
For example for public life

The reason of this law is

For people with disabilities to enjoy the same rights as normal

Protects every person with disabilities of whatever color,
gender, or religion.
Divided into sections.
The five section is :

Title 1 ( Employment)
Title 2 ( State and local Government)
Title 3 ( Public Accommodations)
Title 4 ( Telecommunications)
Title 5 ( Miscall onerous Provisions)
what Title II of the Americans with Disabilities
Act is?

This law wars against discrimination between people with disabilities and
ordinary people.
This law explains the effective possibility of people with disabilities in all
international and domestic services.
This organization was developed by the U.S. Department of Justice.
Like public transportations
Examples of the types of disabilities covered
by ADA and Title II
Cerebral palsy
What Assistive Technology is as it related to
students and learning?

Technology helps ADA students to be more

familiar with reading and listening in the
computers, tablets, and iPods
The development of technology helps
students to know everything in the world.
How captioning adds accessibility to YouTube

Video translation is very important for people:

Who cant hear
Who are unable to understand the language of this video
Who speak another language
What an alt tag is and how it adds accessibility to
web pages and Microsoft Office documents?

Alt text is very important for image ,

diagrams , or any objects.
Students can type alt text for any
objects, then screen reader first than
the alt text can read it to the people
who have difficult seeing the objects.
Why blinking/flashing content in documents
should be avoided for accessibility reasons?
These flashlights have some harm to some people:
Harmful to look
makes consideration weak
Unclear written speech
Difficulty to read
What the Read & Write Chrome web browser
extension is and how it helps students with

This problem is great for a students

especially the students with
disabilities to learn reading and
We have: picture dictionary, text to
speech, screenshot reader, speech
maker, screen mask, translator,
highlighters, voice note, and more.
What Ghotit technology is and how it helps
students with disabilities?

It helps ADA students to learn

everything and understand without
any help with other people

This problem helps ADA

students many thing such as:
How to read
Write correctly
Correct the grammar

Census Data

disabilities nonsevere disabilities no disability

Resources on Accessibility