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eu I

ele He

ela She

objeto It

nós We

eles They

você/vocês You
Pronome + verbo + complemento

 I have a dog
 She is beautiful
 We like potatoes
 You are a nurse
 He is a Japanese teacher
 It is a window
 They are Americans
Sua vez de tentar

 _____ is reading a book. (Carlos)

 _____is green. (blackboard)
 _____are on the wall. (posters)
 _____is running. (dog)
 _____is watching TV. (my mother and I)
 _____has got a brother. (Diana)
tio uncle
pais parents tia aunt
Avôs grandparents primo (a) cousin
Avô grandfather sogro father in law
avó grandmother sogra mother in law
pai father genro son in law
mãe mother nora daughter in law
marido husband cunhado brother in law
esposa wife cunhada sister in law
filho son sobrinho nephew
filha daughter sobrinha niece
irmão brother neto grandson
irmã sister neta granddaughter
Sua vez de tentar

 _____ is eating at the kitchen. (pai)

 _____is tall. (mãe)
 _____studying at the university. (irmão)
 _____is working at the library. (filho)
 _____is watching TV. (avô)
 _____is talking at the telephone. (avó)
 _____is beautifull (filha)
 _____is a doctor. (irmã)
Verb eat

 I eat bread
 He eats cheese
 She eats cake
 They eat bread and ham
 We eat meat
 I eat cheese and you eat ham
 She eats fish and He eats meat

 he, she it usam s no final do verbo no presente

Verb drink

 I drink coffe
 He drink tea
 She drinks milk
 They drink softdrink
 We drink orange juice
 I drink milk and you drink coffe
 She drinks wine and He drinks beer

 he, she it usam s no final do verbo no presente

Sua vez de tentar

 I _____ beer. (beber)

 She_____ham. (comer)
 They_____rice. (comer)
 I_____coffe and You___milk. (drink)
 We_____eggs. (comer)
 You ____tea. (beber)
 It_____milk (beber – gato ou cachorro)
 He_____orange juice. (beber)