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Circular Organizing And Triple Loop Learning

Case Study Analysis Based On The Rubrics

Presented By (Group – 2)

Mohammed Bilal Ahmed [1627819]

Ananya Chatterjee [1628134]
Niharika Khanduri [1627854]
Aishwarya Priya [1627535]
Shreya Somani [1627757]
Tanya Gupta [1628058]
• Single Loop: Static
• Double Loop: Dialogue
• Triple Loop: Helping to resolve the conflict

• Dynamic Structure is ideal
• The best solution to a certain problem will very likely come out of localness
• Change depends on the willingness of the group in charge to create momentum

Frame work
• Basic structure for understanding new information
• Frame work of knowledge of basic business structure allows for better understanding of triple
loop system
About the case
• This article explores the case of an emerging new organizational design, the circular
organization as an example of triple loop learning in the area of governance,
participation and decision making.
• The circular model was developed on the basis of ideas about the relationship
between organizational structure and behavior taken from theories of dynamic
• First, the different systemic levels of learning are explored in more detail.
• Subsequently, the development of the circular organization in Endenburg
Elektrotechniek in The Netherlands is described.
• Finally, the nature of triple loop learning in this particular case is discussed in order to
identify certain key conditions under which triple loop learning is likely to occur.
Concepts & Structures
Construct: Circular Organizing/Organizations
• Team Work
• Business
• Groups/Circles
• Framework
• Overall Organization

Construct: Triple Loop Learning

Concepts: Zero, Single, Double and Triple
Based on Following Theories & Perceptions:
• System Dynamics
• Simplistic system vs. Dynamic structures
• Dilemma between global partners & local behavior
• Decision Making governed by consent (participative management)
• Double linking needs to occur
• Election of person is done by consent
• Ultimately makes policy decision
Related Theories
Dialogue, Collective thinking and Organizational Learning – Isaacs
• Dialogue as an idea – Fits with the circular theory rather than linear
• Promotes Collective thinking & communication
• The practice of dialogue

Conflict Resolution Model – Davidson and Wood

• Active Listening

Levels of Peace building Triangle – Lederach

• Flow of communication between levels
• Top Levels receive communication and feedback from representatives on lower levels
and takes into consideration the work of lower levels
• Top level is not independent of lower levels
Conclusion, Perspective and views
• The experimented model, circular approach based on the notion of
distributed knowledge and management. In contrast to the two
existing models, this model allows the flow of power in both
directions: from the top down and from the bottom up.
• new perspectives that have been developed, among others, by
feminist scholarship, draw a sharp distinction between power and
domination and regard them as mutually exclusive.
• The overcome the drawbacks of the available organizational models
(i.e. traditional top-down approach and another model that focuses
on multiple stakeholders that have interests relevant to a particular
enterprise or production area)
• They both pay little attention to the crucial issue of power. The flow
of power in both models proceeds essentially from upper managerial
echelons to lower levels in the hierarchy. Power in these models
tends to concentrate in the hands of top managers. As a result, there
is little feedback that can serve as a corrective for decisions at the
• Organizations can become more democratic and less hierarchical
• Role at 1 level of a management hierarchy and where we report to a
manager at the next level
• Organisations are like pyramind (fewer at the top than at the bottom,
boss at the top that has the most power)
• Absence of ultimate authority.
• Collective participation, increased the ablity to thngs done.
• Willingeness to implement decisons
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