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Led Zeppelin was an English rock Led Zeppelin was an English rock band, most band, considered one of the considered one important of the genre andof the genre of the most important one of the most popular during the decade and one of the most popular during thedecade of of the Seventies. Itthe Seventies. It was1968 by guitarist was founded in founded in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page, who Jimmy Page, who had belonged to The Yardbirds, had belonged to The Yardbirds, by by including in their training totrainingPaul Jones on including in their John to John Paul Jones on bass and knew from bass and keyboards (that Page keyboards (that Page knew from previous work Robert previous work with The Yardbirds), vocalist with The Yardbirds), vocalist Plant and John Bonham the batteryRobert Plant (which had and John Bonham the battery (which coincided with Plant in The Band Plant in The Band had coincided with of Joy). of Joy).

Led Zeppelin presented elements of a broad spectrum of influences, including blues, rock and roll, soul, Celtic music, music, Indian, Arabic, folk, country and even reggae

Led Zeppelin (1969) Led Zeppelin II (1969) Led Zeppelin III (1970) Led Zeppelin IV (1971) Houses of the Holy (1973) Physical Graffiti (1975) Presence (1976) The Song Remains the Same (1976) In Through the Out door (1979) Coda (1982) BBC Sessions (1997) How the West Was Won (2003) The Song Remains the Same (Remastered & Expanded) (2007)

The importance of Led Zeppelin is evident in the large number of bands influenced by them are considered. These include a Wolfmother, Tool , Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Blind Melon, The White Stripes, or Living Colour Kingdom Come Such has been the influence of the band in rock history have been different formations created in tribute to Led Zeppelin, among which should be noted Dread Zeppelin, Get the Led Out or Lez Zeppelin, composed entirely of women. Led Zeppelin is also considered as the band that paved the way for the later seventies heavy metal bands as Deep Purple or Black Sabbath.

With the arrival of 1980 Led Zeppelin returned to the big European tours, announcing a major new North American tour that year, which could never be made since the September 25 date was the most tragic in the history of the group: John Bonham died in Boleskine House, the mansion of Page, asphyxiated by accidental aspiration of his own vomit caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.23 No drugs were found in the body of the drummer, as was especulado.24 The idea of continuing never crossed the mind of the other members of the band despite the rumors of the addition of new drummer. Prepared an official statement explaining that nothing was the same without Bonham, and that it was useless to continue without him.

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