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Carver Elementary Staff

This has been and will
continue to be an
incredible journey!
Educators are one of the very
few professions that touch
everyone’s life!
Core Team
Elements of Personalized Learning
● Purposeful Learning
● Purposeful Instruction, Assessment and
● Engagement with Learning Tools
● Learner Voice and Choice
● Collaborative Environment
Carver Elementary
Program Overview
“We have to be able to count
on each other doing what we
have agreed to do.”
Author Unknown
Personalized Learning Definition
Learning is a personal experience. By co-
designing meaningful opportunities with
teachers and mentors, the individual is at
the center of her/his learning. Instruction is
something we do with, rather than to
learning, to promote growth, achievement,
and lifelong success.
Empowering students
to succeed in
tomorrow’s world
Carver Elementary Vision Statement
Let’s find out
more about The Winds
our new are
Elementary Blowing!!!
One Word
2017-2018 School Year
What’s your One Word?
● What’s in my way that blocks or
prevents me from being who I want
and need to be?
● What need to go in my life?
● What drives or motivates me?
● What ONE Word describes what I
want to be, live, etc.
Your One Word…………..
What can we expect?
We anticipate all classroom spaces,
Our GOAL is to move into Learning Commons and office area
the building on to be done. We will not have a
kitchen. This may lead to other
August 21st areas not being complete for the
beginning of the school year
take a
look into
Let’s Take
a Break!
Program Overview
District Initiatives, Core Team Work, Carver Staff Implementation
● WIN, What I Need, Time
○ Susan Grundeen, Edie Stearns, & Ben Hullerus
● Wonder Wednesdays
○ Rachel Henning and Corey Shilson
● Specialists
○ Gwen Valiant and Jenny Killian
● Performance Groups
○ Chuck Zemek, June Johnson, & Ben Hullerus
WIN, What I Need, Time
Wonder Wednesdays
Performance Flex
Performance/Flex Groups
Foster personalized learning through a
continuous progress instructional model that
allows children to progress through
curriculum as they are able, rather than a
strict adherence to age/grade configuration to
be fully implemented by 2015.
Performance Group
Based on a student’s current level of
performance, not their ability.
*60 minutes for math and reading
*Limits the range of students performances within
your math and reading
*Gives students a voice while you provide the
Performance Flex Groups
● Flexed across grades levels to find the best “fit” for
students’ readiness and performance.
● Limit the range of student performances in math and
● Voice and Choice for students
● MAP Standard deviations
● CVR - Reading (60 minutes) & Math (60 minutes)
● K12, 345
Making the Groups
● Formula:
● Spring MAP score (200 points) + Rubric (45 points) +
Group Level (45 points) + MCA score (100 points) =
Final Score used to make groups
● Fall MAP scores used to identify outliers and additional
● First year Challenges - Rubric feedback and past group
● Will need patience and flexibility
Go with your gut!
Flex Group Level
9 - Above grade level
8 - High
7 - Average
6 - Low
5 - Below grade level
4 - Functional
Next Steps
● Input Fall MAP scores
● Fontas & Pinnell Fall Reading level
Starting Flex Groups Date Goal:
● Primary - End of September
● Intermediate - 2nd or 3rd week of school
Reading and Math
Teaching through the Standards in Reading and
● Language Arts pacing guide
● Math pacing guide

Intro to Math and Reading Standards Pacing Guides

Lunch Break
Be back promptly at 12:30
Let’s get to know each
other a little better!
July and August
Professional Development