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Systems Of
By Brian Hernandez, Giovanni
Chazari, & Karen Garcia
What is Elimination?

● To eliminate means to cancel out. In order to

find a solution we need to cancel out
unnecessary variables.
Word Problem

A school play happened at Eagles High School

last Friday. Many students at the school bought
tickets in advance for $5 each. Other students
decided to buy tickets for $7 at the door. With all
the 290 people that attended the dance and
$1790 was the total for all the tickets sale. How
many students bought ticket in advance and how
many tickets did they buy at the door?
Solving using the
Elimination Method
STEP 1: Label your variables and Set up your equations

x: # of tickets sold in advance

y: # of tickets sold in advance

5x+ 7y=1790


STEP 2: The x-coefficients are different so you have to multiply -5 to the equations, to set up the x-coefficients so
they can cancel out.


-5 (x+y=290) → -5x-5y+-1450
Solving using the
Elimination Method
STEP 3: Combine (Add) the Equations and the divide both sides by 2



2y/2 =340/2 y=170

STEP 4: Take the value of y and substitute it back into either one of the original equations. Subtract both sides by 170



-170 -170 x=120

Solution: 120 tickets were sold in advance and 170 tickets were sold at the door.

Investigate the world: We investigated the world to

apply Solving system of equations to the real world.

Communicating Ideas: We communicated ideas to

decide on which real world application to use
Solving system of equations.

Take Action: We took action when we presented

and explained solving system of equations.