A retailer buys a radio for Rs. 215. His overhead expenses are Rs.25.If he sells the radio for Rs.

300, his profit will be 20 % 25 % 39.5 % 43.6 %

A watch is bought for Rs. 400 and sold at a gain of 10 %, its selling price is Rs.360 Rs.410 Rs.440 Rs.450

If a washing machine is sold for Rs.660 at a loss of 12 %, its cost price should be Rs.580.80 Rs.750.00 Rs.759.20 none of the above

A man sells two watches at Rs.99 each. On one he gains 10 % and on the other he losses 10 %. His gain of loss per cent is no loss no gain 1% gain 1 % loss 2 % loss

By selling 200 oranges at 32 for a rupee, a man lost 40 %. How many for a rupee must he sell so as to gain 20 %?16 19 21 25

By selling 200 oranges at 32 for a rupee, a man gains the selling price of 40 oranges. His gain percent is 22 % 24 % 25 % 26 %

A dealer in horses sold two horses for Rs.500 each. On one of them he lost 10 % and on the other he gained 10 %. The percentage of his gain or loss is1 % loss 1 % gain 2 % loss no loss no gain

By selling goods at Rs. 31, a merchant loses 7 % on his outlay. If he sells the same goods at Rs.35, the percentage of profit or loss is 6 % profit 6 % loss 5 % profit 5 % loss

A sells an article to B at a gain of 20 % ; B sells to C at a gain of 25 % and C sells to D at a gain of 40 %, if it costs A Rs. 50 ;what does D pay for it?Rs.102 Rs.103 Rs.104 Rs.105

A bicycle is sold at 20 % profit, if it had been sold at 20 % loss, the selling price would have been Rs. 100 less. The cost price of the bicycle is Rs.280 Rs.270 Rs.260 Rs.250

By selling a horse for Rs.75, a man would lose 4 %. For what amount should he sell it to gain 40?Rs.110 Rs.115 Rs.120 Rs.125

A man sold article at a gain of 16 %. If he had sold it for Rs.16 more he would have gained 20 %. The cost price of the article isRs.400Rs. 405 Rs.410 Rs.415

A brought a radio and spent Rs.110 on its repairs. He then sold it to B at 20 % profit, B sold to C at a loss of 10 %, C sold it for Rs.1188 at a profit of 10 %. A bought the radio for Rs.900 Rs.890 Rs.880 Rs.875

A man sold his watch at a loss of 5%. Had he sold it for Rs.56.25 more he would have gained 10 %. The cost price of the watch is Rs.415 Rs.395 Rs.375 Rs.355

A tradesman's prices are 25 % above the cost price, but he allows his customer 12 % commission on the amounts of their bills. He makes a profit of 9 % 10 % 11 % 12 %

A horse was sold at a loss of 10 %, if it was sold for Rs. 70 more, there would have been a gain of 40 %. The horse was bought in Rs. 140Rs .240 Rs.150 Rs.125

A dealer allows 10 % discount on the list price of certain articles and yet makes a profit of 25 % on each article. The cost price of an article whose listed price is Rs.50 will be Rs.40.60 Rs.39.15 Rs.37.85 Rs.36.00

A tradesman marks his goods at 25 % above CP. If he allows his customers 10 % discount, how much % profit does he make?12.50 % 13.60 % 14.20 % 12.20 %

A man sold his watch at a loss of 5 %. Had he sold it for Rs.56.25 more he would have gained 10 %. Find the cost price of watch. 375 275 175 475

How much % more than the cost price, should a shopkeeper mark his goods so that after allowing a discount of 12½ % he should have a gain 5 % on his outlay?18 % 20 % 19 % 21 %%

A tradesman marks his goods at a price that he can deduct 12½ %, for cash and yet make 20 % profit. What is the marked price of an article which cost him Rs. 140?Rs.192 Rs.190 Rs.160 Rs.180

A man sells an article at a profit of 20 %. If he had bought it at 20 % less and sold it for Rs.5 less, he would have gained 25 %. Find the cost price of the article. Rs.25 Rs.30 Rs.40 Rs.50

A tradesman marks his goods 25 % above cost price. If he allows his customer 10 % discount, how much % profit does he make? 12½ % 14½ % 16½ % 17½ %

A manufacturer sells goods to an agent at a profit of 20 %. The agent's wholesale price to a shopkeeper is at a profit of 10 % and the shopkeeper retails his goods at a profit of 12½ %. The manufacturing cost of goods bought in the shop for Rs. 14.85 is Rs.12.60 Rs.11.20 Rs.10.00 Rs.9.30

A,B,C purchase a farm for Rs. 10,000 of which A pays Rs. 4000. They sell it so as to gain a certain sum of which B gets Rs. 275 and C Rs. 175. Find A's share in the profit. 300 400 500 200

A, B and C enter into partnership. A contributes one third of the capital while B contributes as much as A and C together contribute. If the profits at the end of the year amount to Rs.840, what would each receive ?A = 200; B = 500; C = 140 A = 420; B = 280; C = 240 A = 280; B = 420; C = 140 A = 280; B = 320; C = 200 None of these

A, B, C partners in a business, agree to receive profit from business, each in proportion to investment. At the end of the year, A gets 1/3 , B gets 1/4 of the profit. If the capital of A be Rs.1,000 more than that of B, find the amount invested by each 2,000; 3,000; 4,000 3,500; 4,000; 2,500 4,500; 3,000; 3,50 04,000; 3,000; 5,000 None of these

A, B, C are partners. A whose money has been in the business for 6 months claims 1/8 of the profits. B whose money has been in the business for 6 months claims 1/3 of the profits. If C had 1560 rupees in the business for 8 months, how much money did A and B contribute to the business ?Rs. 720, Rs. 1,280 Rs. 1,000, Rs.1,000 Rs. 980, Rs. 1,020 Rs. 1,089 Rs. 911 None of these

joins him with Rs.2500, 3 months later still C joins with Rs. 2800. Out of the profit at the end of the year, A gets 16% for managing the business and the balance is divided according to their capital. If A gets a profit of Rs. 888, find the total profit and the profit that each of the other gets.Rs. 360; Rs. 252 Rs. 260; Rs. 352 Rs. 160; Rs. 452 Rs. 300; Rs. 312 None of these

A, B, C are partners, a receives 2/3 of the profits, B and C dividing the remainder equally. A's income is increased by Rs. 400 when the rate of profit rises from 5 to 7 percent. Find the capital of B.Rs. 200 Rs. 300 Rs. 350 Rs. 250 None of these

of Rs. 5000, Rs. 6000, Rs. 4000. A gets 30% of the profit for managing the business and the balance is divided in proportion to their capitals. At the end of the year A gets Rs.200 more than B and C together . Find the total profit and the share of each . Rs. 1600; 840; 560 Rs. 560; 840; 1600 Rs. 560; 1600; 840 Rs. 1000; 800; 500 None of these

contribute to the total capital of Rs.12,000 in the following manner. A will contribute 25% of the capital. B's contribution will be 80% of C's contribution of A and C together. What amount will each contribute towards the capital ? Rs.3000; 5000; 4000 Rs.4000; 3000; 5000 Rs.3000; 4000; 5000; Rs.1000; 6000; 6000; None of these

and B Rs.9100. Out of the profits A is to receive 15% for looking after the business, 10% of the remainder is to be kept as reserve and the balance is to be divided in proportion to their capitals. If at the end of one year B receives Rs.4550 as his share of profits, find the sum received by A. Rs. 4230 Rs. 4630 Rs. 4130 Rs. 4560 None of these

A man starts a business with a capital of Rs.90,000 and employs an assistant. From the yearly profits he keeps an amount equal to 4½ % of his capital and pays his assistant 35% of the remainder of the profits. Find how much the assistant receives in a year in which the profits are Rs.30,000. Rs.9000.50 Rs.9082.50 Rs.8045.90 Rs.8000.00 None of these

Rakesh can do a piece of work in 15 days. When he had worked for 3 days, Narinder joined him and the remaining work was finished in 8 days. In how days can Narinder alone finish the whole work?20 days 24 days 27 days 30 days\ days\ 26 days

A can do a piece of work in the same time in which B and C together could do it. If A and B could do it in 10 days and C alone in 60 days, in what time could B alone do it?24 days 25 days 30 days 35 days None of the above

How long does a train 75 m long moving at 60 km/hr take to pass (i) a certain telegraph post, (ii) a station 200 m long (iii)another train 100 m long moving at 65 km/hr in the opposite direction 4.5 sec,16.5 sec,5.04 sec 5.04 sec,16.5 sec,4.5 sec 4.5 sec,5.04 sec,16.5 sec 16.5 sec,5.04 sec,4.5 sec 16.5 sec,4.5 sec,5.04 sec

A monkey ascends a greased pole 12 metres high. He ascends 3 metres in the first minute and slips down 1 metre in the alternate minute. In which minute does he reach the top of the pole 12th min 11th min 13th min 14th min None of the above

A boat goes 30 km upstream and 44 km downstream in 10 hours. In 13 hours it can go 40 km upstream and 55km downstream. The speed of boat in still water is30 km/ 3 km 13 km/hr 12 km/hr None of the above

January1,1992 was a Wednesday. What day of the week will it be on January1,1993?Monday Tuesday Sunday Friday Wednesday

A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction at the rate of 2 and 4 km/hr and passes them in 9 and 10 seconds respectively. The length of the train is 50 m 40 m 35 m 30 m 45 m

A cistern is normally filled in 8 hrs but takes two hours longer to fill because of a leak at the bottom. If the cistern is full, the leak will empty it in 16 hrs 20 hrs 25 hrs 40 hrs 35 hrs

Three pipes A,B and C can fill a cistern in 6 hrs. After working at it together for 2 hrs, C is closed and A and B can fill it in 7 hrs. The time taken by C alone to fill the cistern is10 hrs 12 hrs 14 hrs 16 hrs 18 hrs

The minute hand of a clock is 10 cm long. Find the area on the face of the clock described by the minute hand between 9 a.m. and 9.35 a.m.183.33cm² 185 cm² 144 cm²

A's earnings are to B's in the ratio of 3 : 4 while B's is to C's as 7 : 8. If their total earning come to Rs.405, find how much each earns?Rs.105, Rs.140, Rs. Rs.110, Rs.135, Rs.160 Rs.120, Rs.125, Rs.160 Rs.115, Rs.130, Rs.160 None

What is the exchange value in dollars of Rs.137.75 when the rate of exchange is Rs.4.75 to a dollar 27 dollars 29 dollars 28 dollars 27.50 dollars None

The value of a² + b² + c² + 2ab - 2ca when a = 1, b = 2, c = 2 is.9 4 1 6 None

the pant incurred an expense Rs.16/- more than Rs.16/that of the shirt, then the expense on the shirt alone Rs.84/Rs.84/Rs.42/Rs.42/Rs.64/Rs.64/Rs.34/Rs.34/None

My age before twelve years was one third of my age after twelve years from now. If so, my present age is. 16 years 20 years 24 years 36 years None

a³ + b³ + c³ = 3 abc when a + b + c e abc o 1 a² + b² + c² None

The H.C.F.(Highest Common Factor) of 63 and 84 is. 7 9 21 42 None

Which of the following has the smallest value? 5/8 7/12 8/15 11/20 18/37

a membership of 356. What is the least number of votes the successful candidate must receive to be victorious? 69 70 13 72 21

price per yard should be marked on the cloth so that he may sell it at a discount of 20% from the marked price and still make a profit of 20% of the selling price? Rs.2.00 Rs.2.24 Rs.2.40 Rs.2.50 Rs.2.60

a price tag on it so that he could offer his customers discount of 10% of the price marked on the tag and still make a profit of 20% of the cost. What price should be mark on the tag? Rs.72 Rs.78 Rs.79.20 Rs.80 Rs.85

: 3. If 9/10 of the boys may graduate and all the girls may or may not graduate what is the maximum part of the senior class that may graduate? 3/5 7/8 15/16 2/3 None

A picture in an art museum is six feet wide and eight feet long. If its frame has a width of six inches, what is the ratio of the area of the frame to the area of the picture? 8 : 21 5 : 16 1 : 16 16 : 5 16 : 31

A stock rises 3/8 one day but drops 1/2 the following day. How much must it rise on the next day to have an average rise of 1/8 for the three day period? 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/8

Father is 30 years old and his son is 3 years old. Father will be 5 times old as his son in. 3 3/4 years 6 1/2 years 1 11/4 years 37 years 38 years

At 10 a.m. water begins to pour into a cylindrical cane 14 inches high and 4 inches in diameter at the rate of 8 cubic inches every 10 minutes. At what time will it begin to over flow? (use x=22/7).11.10 a.m. 11.40 a.m. 12.40 p.m. 1.40 p.m. 2.40 p.m.

England, 1/6 in Spain 1/4 Italy 3 1/2 years in France and 1/5 in Germany, where he is now living. If the present year is 1991, in what year was he born? 1907 1864 1921 1917 None

even pace throughout. When he reached a point after covering one fifth of the distance, it was 10.50 a.m. He started at 10.30 a.m. What will be the time when he reaches his destination? 12.10 11.30 a.m. 12.00 Noon 1.00 p.m. None

Rama is twice and Krishna 5 times as old as Khanna. Two years ago, Krishna was twice as old as Rama and Khanna together. Now the age of Krishna is. 6 years 12 years 30 years 36 years None

The length and breadth of a rectangle field is in the ratio of 5 : 3 Its area is 1500 Sq. mts. Find the cost of fencing the field at Rs.1 per metre. Rs.400 Rs.160 Rs.55 Rs.80 None

the ratio of 7 : 5 : 4. The area of the four walls of the room is 864 Sq.metres. Find the area of the floor of the room? 315 sq.m. 405 sq.m. 500 sq.m. 740 sq.m. None

is surrounded on the out-side by a path of width out3 1/2 mts. Find the cost of turfing the path ways at 25 ps. per sq.m.? Rs.152.25 Rs.152.75 Rs.162.50 Rs.142.50 None

The difference between circumference of a circle and its diameter is 135 feet. Find the area of the circle? 3000 sq.ft. 3118.5 sq.ft. 3204 sq.ft. 3104 sq.ft. None

without a lid are 60 cms., 34 cms., 24 cms., respectively. The thickness of the plank is 2 cms. The weight of 1 cubic centimetre is 0.8 gram. Find out the weight of the empty box? 9000 8500 7800 9600 None grams grams grams grams

Two towers are 35 mtr., and 50 mtr. height and 20 mtr. apart on level ground. Find the length of the rope connecting their tops? 15 metres 20 metres 25 metres 30 metres None

the upper part, still attached to the lower falls down, the tops touching the ground at a distance of 12 metres from the foot. What is the height of the tree? 25 metres 16 metres 40 metres 41 metres 20 metres

a tank is 2 metres it is pulled aside it comes 8 metres from its original position and the top of the flower touches the water. Find the depth of the tank? 15 metres 16 metres 24 metres 20 metres None

time; one runs at 40 kms. towards north and the other at 30 kms. east. What will be the distance between them after they run for 3 hours without altering the speed. 120 kms. 140 kms. 150 kms. 200 kms. None

Rs.17/Rs.17/- on repair and paid fifty paise coolie. He sold the chair at Rs.100/- what is his margin Rs.100/of profit? 12.5% 14% 14 2/7% 15% None

A man sold two watches at Rs.100/- each. On one Rs.100/hand he earned 10% while on the other, he lost 10%. In the deal he had. No gain; no loss Lost 10% Lost 1% Gained 1% Lost Rs.2 2/29%

A person purchased 10 apples at Rs.4/- per Rs.4/apple.2 were not eatable. By selling the rest, he wanted to earn 25% profit on the whole. He should sell each apple at. Rs.6.25 Rs.5.00 Rs.5.50 Rs.4.00 None

Two varieties of wheat costing Rs.3.50 per kg. and 3.20 per kg. are to be mixed, so that the costing price of the mixture is Rs.3.30 per kg. The ratio at which they should be mixed is. 3 : 2 2 : 3 1 : 2 2 : 1 None

12 4/5 days and Gitu in 32 days. All begin to do it together but Raju leaves after 4 days and Ramu 3 days before the completion of the work. How long would the work last? 9 days 8 days 11 days 6 days none of the above Seven men can complete

work in 12 days. They started the work and after 5 days two men left. In how many days will the work be completed by the remaining men? 7 5 8 49/5 15

Sandip walked hour,18 km at at a speed of take to cover

20 km at a speed of 4 km per a speed of 3 km per hour and 14 km 2 km per hour. How much time did he the entire journey?

11 hrs 18 hrs 15 hrs 20 hrs None of the above

A car completes a certain journey in 8 hrs. It covers half the distance at 40 km per hour and the rest at 60 km per hour. The length of the journey in km is 350 384 400 420 370

A certain number of men could do a piece of work in 60 days. If there were 8 more men, it could be finished in 10 days less. The number of men in the beginning were 40 35 30 45 50

crosses a 500 m long train b travelling in the opposite direction in 36 seconds. What is the length of the train A in metres? 500 250 600 400 Data inadequate

A upstream. If the velocity of the stream is 2 km per hour and speed of the boat in still water is 4 km per hour, what is the distance between A and B? 8 km 9 km 4 km 6 km 11 km

children take 27 days to complete the same work. How many days will 10 men and 12 children together take to complete the same work? 12 16 18 24 14

A can do a piece of work in 12 days, B in 15 days. A started the work and was joined by B,5 days before the completion of the work. What is the share of B out of the total wages of Rs.120? Rs.40 Rs.60 Rs.80 Rs.30 Rs.50

5 men or 9 women can do a piece of work in 19 days. How long will it take to complete the same work with 3 men and 6 women? 15 days 4 days 6 days 12 days 11 days

and C together can do it. If A and B together could do it in 10 days and C alone in 15 days, in what time could B alone do it? 60 27 30 24 50 days days days days days

do it alone in 7 days and the other in 8 days. With the assistance of a boy they finish the work in 3 days. How should the money be divided? Rs.600,Rs.525,Rs.275 Rs.550,Rs.500,Rs.350 Rs.630,Rs.490,Rs.280 Rs.420,Rs.480,Rs.320 None of the above

digits are changed cyclic. Its hundred's digit is the sum of the other two digits, the number is. 431 743 826 532 None

Rs.1.65 Rs.2.25 Rs.1.95 Rs.2.15 None The value of 8025 x 103 + (56 + 47) x 1975 is. 80,25,000 19,31,025 10,30,000 10,30,725 None

The surface area of a rectangular parallelepiped with length 5 m, breadth 4 m; height 3 m is. 60 70 94 84 Squ. Squ. Squ. Squ. m m m m

cost prices of which are Rs.12.50 and Rs.8 per kg. respectively. He gains 20% by selling a kg. of the mixture at Rs.12. The proportion in which he has mixed the two varieties is. 2 : 3 3 : 4 4 : 5 4 : 3 None

A has Rs.120 less than B.C has Rs.60 more than A. If all the three have Rs.1080 totally, the amount B has is. Rs.400 Rs.380 Rs.420 Rs.450

thirds of the remaining to his daughter and the remaining for an endowment. If the endowment received from him Rs.1000 in all his wealth was. Rs.50,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.1 lakh Rs.10,000 None

The area of the biggest square inscribed inside the circle of radius 4 m. is. 32 sq. m. 64 sq. m. 80 sq. m. 128 sq. m. None

The correct answer is 30 % # 4 A string of length 36 cm. is bent into a form of a semi-circle. Its radius will be. semi6 cm. 12 cm. 3 cm. 7 cm. None % The correct answer is 7 cm. % # 2 The square root of .15 x .35 x .21 is. .21 .105 .287

times as heavy as water. Find the proportion in which these two metals should be mixed, so that the mixture is 15 times as heavy as water. 5 : 3 2 : 3 3 : 2 3 : 5 None 97

average income for the first 4 days was Rs. 40 a day. His average income for the remaining days is Rs.40 Rs.42 Rs.43 Rs.45 None of the above % The correct answer is Rs.43 % # 1 A batsman played 17 innings during a season and he was never not-out. A score of 85 improved his notaverage by 3 runs in the 17th innings. His average score is 37 35 34 36 32

16 2/5 % 16 2/7% 16 2/9% % The correct answer is 16 2/3 % % # 3 A and B joined a partnership by investing Rs.50000 and 60000. A is a working partner and gets 10% of the profit for managing the business. The share of B is less than that of A in the annual profit of Rs.55000 by Rs.2000 Rs.1200 Rs.1000 Rs.1500 None of these % The correct answer is Rs.1000 % #

None of these % The correct answer is 154 cm² % # 2 A batsman made an average of 40 runs in 4 innings but in the 5th innings he just got a zero. What is his average after fifth innings? 40 32 35 30 45 % The correct answer is 32 % # 4 The value of 15 5/6 - (7 1/2 - 8 1/3) = ?

price. A discount of 10% is given on the marked price. In this kind of sale, the seller makes no loss, no gain gains loses loses 1% None of these % The correct answer is loses 1% % # 2 A man buys 10 articles for Rs. 8/- and sells the 8/articles at rate of Rs.1.25 per article. His gain percent is 50% 56¼% 20% 19½% None of these %

candidate who secures 42% of the maximum marks gets 10 marks more than necessary for passing. Determine the maximum numbers. 300 400 500 100 200 % The correct answer is 500 % # 4 The annual decrease in population of a town is 5% and the present population is 6859. 3 years ago the population was 7000 7202 7681 8000 8500

45 None of the above % The correct answer is 72 % # 4 I walk a certain distance and ride back by taking 6 1/4 hours together. I could walk both ways in 7 3/4 hours. How long would it take me to ride both the ways? 5 1/2 hours 4 1/2 hours 3 3/4 hours 4 3/4 hours None of the above % The correct answer is 4 3/4 hrs % # 1

None of the above % 1

and Rs 4.25 a peg be mixed, so as to produce a mixture worth Rs. 3.2 a peg? 4.1 3.1 5.1 2.1 None of the above

How much water should be added to 32 Kg of milk worth Rs. 14 to reduce the price to Rs. 8 at 4 kg.? 3 Kg 8 Kg 5 Kg 11 Kg None of the above 114

sand to it, he sells at Rs 9 per kg gain there by gaining 5 %. Find the proportion of sand to sugar. 2 : 1 3 : 1 4 : 1 1 : 3 None of the above

A grocer mixes two kinds of salts costing Rs 1.75 a kg and Rs. 1.88 a kg and gains 25 %. How were they mixed? 2 : 3 3 : 4 3 : 2 4 : 3 None of the above

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