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New Research Format 2017

Presented by :

Mayeth T. Salandanan, MBA

Preliminary Parts

Section 1 : Preliminary Parts Title Page Approval Sheet Acknowledgment Abstract Table of Contents List of Tables

Preliminary Parts

Section 1 : Preliminary Parts continued List of Figures List of Plates


It should contain a minimum of 190 to a maximum of 210 words.

Contain five parts written in one paragraph:

1-introduction to the topic, 2-purpose or objective, 3-method, 4-results, 5-conclusion and recommendation


Indicate the discipline of the study, concepts studied, research design, process and

setting of the study.

These are the important key points that should be included in the study.

Body of the Thesis Parts and Processes

Chapter 1 : The Problem and Review of Related

Literature and Studies


Background of the Study



Body of the Thesis Parts and Processes

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

Research Paradigm

Statement of the Problem


Significance of the Study Scope and Limitation of the Study

Definition of Terms


First section global/local situational analysis of the problem supported by literature


- University situational analysis of the problem supported by

university & college agenda



Gap in the literature that the research wants to address.


Fourth - Uniqueness of the study from other previous studies.

-Compelling reasons of the writer/s for choosing the problem

Objectives of the Study

Objectives of the study should be in paragraph form

Use objectives that will show what the researcher will do with the data (not words to tell what the

proponent will do as a research process)

Framework of the Study

Contains the basic explication of the meaning of the variables of the study.

Present the framework in schematic or textual form merging the theories discussed in which the

study was anchored. Remove diagram, unless very essential. No framework is required for experimental study.

Body of the Thesis Parts and Processes

Chapter 2 : Methodology Research Design Population Sampling Participants/Subjects/Respondents of the Study Research Instrument Validation of Instrument Data Gathering Procedure Statistical Treatment of Data

Research Design


Location of the study place where you conduct research

Participants respondents of your research

Instruments used questionnaires used as part of survey instrument. If primary data, then

interview can be utilized.

Body of the Thesis Parts and Processes

Chapter 3 : Results and Discussion Tables and Figures Statistical Presentation Chapter 4 : Summary, Conclusions & Recommendations Summary Findings Conclusions Insights Gained

Curriculum Vitae

Should contain only the following Name, contact information, summary of qualifications Educational qualification Work experience NOTE : do not include character reference Recruiters only allot 30 seconds for every resume

Other information

Font Face : Arial or Times New Roman Font Size : 12 Spacing : Double Spaced Editing : APA 6 th Edition Editing Style First line of paragraph 5 spaces, indented Format and letterhead, soft copy uploaded

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