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The Future Growth of a career as a

Business Analyst :
Its roles & responsibilities

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Abhipsa Pani
What is Analytics?

The meticulous process of mutating data into insight

for forming effective decisions and presenting new
opportunities for a ambitious benefit.
Business Analytics

Business analytics (BA) is the custom of redo,

systematic survey of an Corporation's data,
with an prominence on statistical anatomy.
Business analytics is worn by Organizations
engaged to data-driven resolution.
The Business Analytics is a key coordinator
within an enterprise, who acts as a connector
between the clients, shareholders and the
service-providers team.
Growing Need for Business Analytics

Now-a-days the business environ is more

complicated than before.
The line of businesses are presumed to be
heedfully responsive to the growing demands of
clients, regulators and stakeholders.
The creation of Large volume of data from business
affairs and pact.
Its Purpose

The main objective of an organization that hunt for

analytics is:

Revenue boom
Optimize expenses
Role of the Business Analyst Technology


Typically allocated to a project after it has commenced.

BA is accountable for linking the space between the Business and
Information Technology.

Research the line of work in-depth.

Basically focus onto the architect of productive business solution.

To review the inconsistent job definition and responsibilities across

the industry.
Types of Business Analytics:

Prescriptive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Descriptive Analytics
Types of Analytics

Prescriptive Why do airway terms alter

Analytics every hour?
Guidance on feasible outcomes

How do market place

Predictive grocers know to assist you
Analytics vouchers you might
Know-how the prospects literally use?

How does Netflix

Descriptive constantly endorse just the
Analytics upright movie?
Intuition into the prior

Source: imarticus.org

Profound Communication Skills.

Knowledge of the SDLC(System Development life
Conciliation and solidarity building.
Impressive interpersonal and customer
management capability.
Mathematics and engineering is a must

Detail-oriented and Analytical skills.

Listens to Client (Organization).
Assists SMEs to describe the method as well
as the purpose to perform job.
Certify the product is fabricated right according
to the demand.
Fix the business complications.
Directs requisites change call.
Carry-out requirements-related job in the work
breakdown structure.
Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics aids business enterprises to exploit their data

and hold it to pick out new chance for employment or promotion.
This leads to percipient business headway, further productive
operations, high-earned profits and contented customers.

Source: Crossing Technologies

Source: Informatica Corporation.
Command for Analytics Hotshot in India
Domestic Market Analytics Market Job Vacancies

$ 163 $1
Million Billion
Jan, 2014
Jan, 2014 Jan, 2014

$ 375 $ 2.3
Million Billion 2,50,000
Projected for Projected for Projected for
2018 2018 2018

There are many certification courses available on long-term
and short-term basis in India for freshers and working

We can also skill-up by learning different open-source and

commercial tools of business analytics.

There are many institutes that facilitates different certification

courses for choosing a career in BA such as certification in R,
python, SAS, etc.
Business Analytics Tools:
Open Source Analytic tools:
 Python
 Apache Spark
 Apache Storm
 PIG and HIVE

Commercial Analytic Tools:

 Tableau
 Excel
 QlikView
 Splunk
Certificate Programmes for BA:
CBA Programme (Certified Programme in Business Analytics)
CAP (Certified Analytics Professional)
EMCDSA (EMC Data Science Associate)
SAS predictive modeler
CCP-DS (Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Science)
PGPBA (Post Graduation in Big Data analytics)
CPBAE (Certificate Program in Business Analytics for Executives)
EPBA (Executive program in Business Analytics)
BAI (Business Analytics and Intelligence)
Business Analytics Jobs in India
 Communication Technology: 1%
 Oil and Gas:- 3%
 Banking:- 11%
 Insurance:- 7%
 Pharma:- 24%
 Analytics Services:- 54%

Analytics Services and Pharma Industries head the group in the high-rise
percentage of Business Analytics jobs being created in India.

Total number of job employment created is approximately 32000 in

Career Options in Business Analytics

• Data management • Segmentation

• Probability models • Neural networks
• Data Exploration • Customer profiling
• Classification and • Multi-layer
• MIS and report • Portfolio Analysis
regression trees Perceptron
creation • Trend Analysis
• Time series • Geospatial models
KEY • Automation of • Forecasting
models • Associative rule
FEATURES reports
• Inductive logic

• B.Com • B.Com • B.E • B.E

• B.E • B.E • B.Tech • B.Tech
• B.Tech • B.Tech • MSc (Statistics) • MSc (Statistics)
• MBAs • MBAs • MBAs

Data Scientist
MIS Analyst
Data Analyst Statistician
INDICATIVE Advanced Analytics – Team Manager
Strategy Analyst
JOB ROLES Market / Global Research Analyst
Cost Analyst
Analytics Manager

Source: imarticus.org
Career Flight Path

Average Salaries:-

 Analyst(0-2years) – 4-6lacs
 Senior Analyst(2-4yrs) – 6-8lacs
 Manager(4-6yrs) – 9-15lacs
 AVP(6-10yrs) – 15-20lacs
 VP(10-15yrs) – 15-20lacs
 Director(15+years) – 15-20lacs
Salary Study:

Average analytics pay in India for the year-end 2016

was 11.7 Lacs among the experienced staffs.

Increase in 22% i.e. highest average salary for analytics


Percent of Analytics professionals salary more than INR 15

Lacs has extended from 33% in 2016 to 37% in 2017.
Business Analytics versus Other domain

The salary comparison between BA and other sectors such as

IT, Financial Research :-

Analytics earn 30% high salaries as compared to IT

The salary bracket for Business Analytics is 10-25lacs, which
is much higher than other sectors.
The average salary bar for Analytics is ranked highest
among all.
From large scale Industries to confined analytics merchandising, the
market for standard data analysts is fulfilled with a bankable pay.
 With data analytics navigating all the integrant of an enterprise, the
ventures are accessible to offer more salaries to these type of
The payment have perceived a favorable route where skills are
supported by experience.
It is the best period, primarily when data analytics office worker take
30% high pay than IT professionals in India.
In recent times, R, Storm, Hadoop, Spark and Python endure the most
search for tools by the managers, with a desirable package.
 Finally, Analytics study is an approach in the right inclination and will
stimulate desires of making a career in analytics discipline.
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