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A quick primer

m m 


2 M e first 1-2 sentences t t

summrize t e most interesting
point of t e rticle.
2 Brief yet ctc y
2 Gives t e reer n instnt sense of
w t t e rticle is out n mking
im or er wnt to re more.

2 m  is involve
2 m  is t e nture of t e news
story or event
2 m  is t e news or event
tking plce
2 m  will (or i t e event
tke plce
2 m  is t e story newswort y
2 ¦ ws t e mtter one

2 Gse  minimum of tec nicl terms

n jrgon.
2 Explin ny jrgons clerly n

2 Œost importnt to lest importnt.

2 Don¶t write in c ronologicl orer.

A fculty meeting ws el on Œony in Room
10-250 t 3:00. M ere were out 150 people in
ttennce. M e meeting opene wit 
welcome y Professor Jo n Doe. Professor Jne
Smit t en re t e minutes of t e Œy
meeting. Following t t, Presient C rles Vest
nnounce t t ll ΠM employees will receive 
new cr on rec ing t eir 20t nniversry of
All ΠM employees will receive  new cr on
rec ing t eir 20t nniversry of employment,
Presient C rles Vest tol  strtle fculty on
Œony. Vest me t e surprise nnouncement
in t e mile of t e fculty meeting in Room

2 m en  speker sys somet ing t t

clerly summrizes  point, write
own t e exct wors n use t em
in quottion mrks.
2 Mke notes n prp rse most of
w t t e speker sys.
2 Mry to trin your er to pick up on
isolte sentences t t stn out.
2 C eck wit t e speker fterwrs.

2 mrite in s ort, simple

2 Avoi using clic s.
2 Avoi jrgons.
2 Don¶t use  long wor
w en  s ort one will
2 Gse t e ctive voice.

2 ‰nly t e people in your rticle cn

express opinions.
2 Fctul n written in t e t ir
person (" e," "s e" or "it" rt er
t n " " or "you".
2 An rticle s more creiility if it¶s
not trying to ³sell´ somet ing.
2 M is is  {  rticle, not n opinion
rticle, so e sure not to inclue ny
personl opinions.

2 f necessry, ve  knowlegele

person (proly someone you
interviewe review your rticle for
ccurcy efore you sumit it for
2 Avoi istortion of informtion y
eing cler n strig t to t e point.

2 Gpcoming event²150 wors

2 After-t e-fct rticle ± 500 wors