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What are ASU Students’

Social Media Platform

By: Isabelle Milligan, Renea Smith, and Robin Allen

● We looked at: Platform Preferences under different circumstances

● Preference overall, for discussions, for social things, for academic
situations, most influential
● Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Youtube
Most frequently used platforms
Survey results indicated that overall,
students used Instagram and Snapchat
more frequently than any other
platform. Instagram was 4% more
popular than Snapchat.
Preferred platforms for “making friends”
63% of the students
surveyed selected Instagram
as their preferred platform
for making new friends. This
is shocking because
Facebook used to be the
main social media platform
used for creating new
friends. Only 40% of the
people who participated in
the survey selected
Facebook as a preferred
Preferences for Social Networking by
Preferences for Social Networking by Class
Preferred platforms for holding discussion
A baffling 50.3% of students surveyed believed
that Facebook was a useful platform for having
discussions. Relatively fewer students -- 42.3%
of them --- believed that Twitter was useful
for doing so.

Students said that Tumblr, Reddit, and

Youtube were the least useful as platforms for
discussion; Reddit received fewer votes than
we expected, given that it is the platform most
intended for discussion. We hypothesize that
this result is due to Reddit being a lesser
known platform compared to most other
“social media” included in our survey.
Preferences for Discussions by Residence
Preferences for Discussion by Class
PreferRed platforms for acADEMIC
70% of the ASU students we surveyed
believe that Youtube is the most useful
for academic situations. That is more
than half of the majority! In far second,
33% of students voted Facebook as their
preferred platform for academics. It is a
great surprise that only 2% of the
students voted Tumblr as a resource for
Preference for Academics by Residence
Preference for Academics by Class
There is no doubt that every single
social media platform has some kind
of influence on society. ASU students
voted Twitter as being the most
influential, with nearly 38% of the
votes. In a close second place we
have Instagram--22% of students
voted for this one! Twitter and
Instagram are the most used social
apps. Shockingly, Tumblr comes in
dead last, receiving only 1.4% of the
Most Influential by Residence
Most Influential by Class

● Social media is very prevalent

● Some platforms are better than others for certain things
○ Ex: YouTube for Academics, Instagram for making friends, etc.