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Digestive System Revision

Label the organs in the digestive system.

Letter Organ Name Function

B Salivary Produces Saliva, helps soften food

C Oesophagus Connects the throat to the stomach.

D Stomach Stores food, releases acids and enzymes for

chemical breakdown of food.
E Liver Produces bile, breaks down fat

F Gallbladder Holds bile produced in the liver until it is

needed for digesting fatty foods in the
duodenum of the small intestine.
G Large Absorbs water from the partly digested food
Intestine and returns it to the body.
H Small Churns food into acid
I Appendix To protect good bacteria in the gut. Help
keeps us healthy
J Anus Allows the feces to leave the body
Select 3 organs and describe their importance in the digestive system.
Organ: Small Intestine

The small intestine is crucial in the digestive system because without it, the digestion would be incomplete. All the
nutrients from food will not be absorbed into the blood and organisms will be short of energy.

Organ: Stomach

Stomach is important to the digestive system as well because it allows us to store food and helps with the digestion of
food. If the stomach were removed, it’ll cause diarrhea and wont be able to eat large meals.

Organ: Salivary gland

The salivary gland is important in the digestive system because it helps soften food up and keeps the digestive system
moist. Without it, it will be hard to digest food.
Compare and contrast the chicken digestive system with
the human digestive system. Provide 2 similaries and 2
Similarities: Esophagus, Liver, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine

Differences: Stomach, Crop, Cloaca

The food are first stored in the crop before going into the
stomach (Proventriculus).

The cloaca is where the digestive, urinary and

reproductive system meets. This means the urine and
feces are excreted at the same time.
State the purpose of the digestive system.

The purpose of the digestive system is that it helps

breakdown food into small molecules, which are then
absorbed into the body.

Enzyme Nutrient digested Product digested Found in

Amylase Starch Sugar Salivary Gland, Pancreas,

Small Intestine
Protease Proteinis Amino acids Stomach, Pancreas, Small
Lipase Lipids Fatty Acids + Glycerol Pancreas, Small Intestine