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Session 2: Introduction to Legal

[13 slides]
Assignment: Triad Work

Deadline: June 26, 2018. Email your one-page paper to

• Define forum shopping. Cite three cases that show the court’s interpretation
of forum shopping.
• State the effect of the willful filing of multiple frivolous and baseless
complaints. Cite three cases to substantiate your answer.
Definition of
Legal Research

It is the process of finding the law, rules, and regulations that govern
activities of human society.
It is the investigation for information necessary to support legal
decision making.

• To provide competent client representation [e.g. requires

legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation];
• To uphold the standards of the legal profession
Legal Bibliography

• Generally, it is the science or study of law books, their history,

evolution and description, their characteristics and use, including
such details as their authors, publishers, dates, editions, and degree of
• It concerned with the study of the materials essential to the inquiry
of the researcher.

• The efficient use of law books can only be learned by study and
• It is an aid in the process of analyzing a legal question [e.g. where to
find the law, in what book, how]
Objective of Legal Research and Legal Bibliography

• To provide the legal basis for a claim, one must

present for consideration the authority which must
be applied, and which the court is bound to apply.
Sources of Law
Primary Sources

• The most important legal authorities.

• Recorded laws and rules which will be enforced by the State
• Constitution, codes, statutes, judicial decisions, administrative
laws, administrative regulations[IRR]
Secondary Sources

• Secondary sources do not supply binding law; they are persuasive

authority only.
• Secondary sources are publications that discuss or analyze legal
doctrine, e.g. treatises, commentaries, legal encyclopedias, legal
writings,, legal periodicals, legal journals [Academic journals, IBP
Journals, and Lawyers Review]
Finding Tools or Search Materials

• These are tools that help you find the other materials, e.g. SCRA
Quick Index Digest, Phil Juris, Lex Libris, internet sites [lawphil,
• These tools do not contain original texts of their own, and you never
cite them in your work.