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How to write

paper for international

Done by
K . Arjun Goud MBA
Assistant Professor
• Define the problem
• Provide goals of the researcher at the beginning
of the study
• List specific research questions – Questions
should be answerable by the quantitative or
qualitative data to be collected
• Indicate why the study is significant
Literature review
• Begin with an introductory paragraph outlining
the scope of the literature review and then use
sub-headers to divide individuals sections
• Identify and discuss each concept or issue
relevant to the study, giving frequent citations to
other studies. At least half of the references
should be within the previous five years
• Make sure it is clear why and how the concept or
issue is relevant to study or problem
• Describe instructional design in enough detail that a reader
that a reader could reproduce it. At this point, describe the p
participants briefly and in general terms (for example, second
year English majors taking an advanced conversation class)
• Describe research design
– Data collection plan (quantitative and/or qualitative)
– Data analysis plan (quantitative and/or qualitative)
• Describe participants in detail – how many, ages, gender split,
proficiency level, and/or other demographic information
relevant to the study
Note:- if appropriate in 1 & 2, include a figure showing the
structure or timeline of the project graphically
• Introductory paragraph
• Quantitative findings, including tables as needed to
clarify descriptive or inferential statistics
• Qualitative findings, including quotes to illustrate
Note:- either in 2 and 3 above or in a separate sub-
section after 3, the original research questions
should be specifically answered based on the data
collected. Depending on the details of your data,
this answering of research questions may also be
shifted into your discussion.
• Briefly summarize the finding
• Compare and contrast the findings to other studies
• Explain the meaning, implications, and the value of the finding
– After discussing each major finding, provide conclusions and/or
recommendations based on your findings and discussion
• Either in the discussion or in the conclusion, you have the
option of listing suggestions for additional research based on
your research design and findings
• The focus of the discussion is the insights of the researcher.
Do not make the mistake of simply repeating facts. Attempt
to explain “Why”
• Refer back to your original problem and state
how your study has addressed this problem
• In the process, restate the significance of your
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