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Elvio Matezo

Helder João
Helder Chamane Jr.
Mozambique is a very rich in minerals country,
and all of that is atracting many investors.
And one of them is China who is investing Mozambique
in many differents areas.
For a better organization of this research we will
Separate this areas of chinese investiments.
 Donations of disease testing machines.
 Sent its health professionals to strengthen the
 Gave more than 300 ambulances to the health
 China helped to improve the training of the soldiers.
 Donated equipment to the police and other comands.
 In this area the chinese government helped a lot
Mozambique ,we believe that in China have an area
reserved for rice planting that comes to Mozambique.
 Sent their agronomist engineers to assist in the
production of food here in Mozambique.
 Recently the chinese government donated 10.000 rice
sacks for our country.
 Hotels
 Resorts
 Restaurants
 Shoppings
 Condominiums
 Donated public buses.
 Donated maritime transports .
 According to the information contained they want to
create a Airline that will connect Mozambique-China.
 Improvement of roads and bridges
 Recently contributed to the construction of the
national football stadium and the olympic village.
 Contributed with equipment for the first national
soccer league ( Moçambola ).
 Created a mobile phone network that covers all the
country ( Movitel ).
 Fast and better internet.
 Created a television station Mozambique-China (
Startimes ).
 Based on all the mentioned areas they contributed to
the redution of the unemployment rate.
 Creating more than 50.000 work stations.
 The impact of the chinese business in Mozambique
was beneficial in most of the cases,reducing the
unemployment rate and we hope that they only get
better. Because facing the crise that we living the
chinese government has been one of the only investors
in Mozambique.