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Vetiver System for Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

Introduction Vetiver System Phytoremediation Evapotranspiration

• Treatment & Disposal of leachate is a The Vetiver System is extensively been • Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels in • Transfer of water from the land to the
major concern at landfill sites. researched particularly in the field of wastewater has exceeded ANZECC atmosphere by evaporation from the
wastewater treatment and solid waste landfills. guidelines. soil and other surfaces and by
• Lack of clean water and safe sanitation transpiration from plant leaves.
are also problems for the world’s • Vetiver system takes advantage of ability
growing population of the grass to take up high quantities of • Vetiver grass has high transpiration
nitrogen and phosphorus to be used for rates due to the leaf V-structure
• Vetiver system in constructed wetlands domestic waste disposal.
is a low cost, simple & viable method • . It plays an important role in controlling
for domestic wastewater treatment and seepage of leachate into groundwater
Leachate disposal or dams.
Project Objective
• Obtaining data and analysing Vetiver’s
phytoremediation performance from With the landfills in Australia increasing
wastewater in Western Australia & wastewater containing high levels of
• Obtaining data and analysing Vetiver’s Vetiver grass has excellent absorbent nitrogen and phosphorus, this study will
evapotranspiration performance in characteristics due to morphological & offer a potential solution to domestic
removing waste water in Western physiological features making it tolerant to wastewater & landfill leachate treatment
Australia. adverse climatic conditions, high acidity & problems faced by local authorities and
toxicity levels as well as heavy metal toleration. justify the need for further research &

Presented By

Anesu Mpenyu Cleopatra &

Jeswin Lovin Jose

Under the supervision of:

Dr Guangzhi Sun ( Supervisor)
Simple Experiment on beaker infested with blue algae (left) &
Mr Simeon Kendall ( Co- supervisor)
ECU Vetiver Wetland cellS treated with vetiver grass for 4 days (right).