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The Danes are very willing to show the culture they have and proud of their
history, always putting in front of his flag and his queen. Most of the
population of Denmark considers that the Danish traditions are part of the
national cultural heritage, and many believe must be protected against
external influences. However, this does not mean you have adopted
traditions from other nearby cultures.

The Constitution, which was first passed in 1849 , provides the legislative
framework of Danish democracy. The Constitution outlines the rights of
citizens and human rights, such as freedom of expression and freedom of
assembly, to protect citizens against violations of their rights by the state.

Denmark is a religious state whose

official religion is Christianity Protestant
- Lutheran type. The current monarch
Queen Margrethe II is the highest
authority of this church.

The Danish krone is the currency of Denmark,

together with the autonomous provinces of
Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The crown is
divided into 100 ore and code ISO 4217 is DKK.
Usually it abbreviated as kr.

Many Danes sail in their leisure time and sailing is the sport in Denmark
when it comes to winning medals at international competitions. The
Danes make their journey by sailing regatta Rundt Zealand , a tour
around the island of Zealand at distances of 185-350 miles with
departure and arrival in Elsinore.

Significant to the interests of Danish football are very prominent

figures playing in foreign clubs; in the nineties were the striker brothers
Michael and Brian Laudrup and Peter Schmeichel, voted best
goalkeeper in the world twice. In 2000, Peter Schmeichel was the first
Danish sportsman by Queen Elizabeth II with the award of Honorary
Member of the British p-co Empire, among others for his achievements
as Manchester United goalkeeper for eight years. Danish players in
professional foreign teams are not exclusive to football; also we found,
for example, in handball, where the big female star of the nineties was
Anja Andersen.

1917 Karl Gjellerup (Denmark, 1857-1919 ) novelist

Henrik Pontoppidan ( Danish, 1857-1943 ) novelist

1944 Vilhem Johannes Jensen (Denmark, 1873-1950 ) novelist


The general characteristics associated with their dishes, is consisting

mainly in seafood, meat and a variety of root crops, vegetables and herbs.
This practice has its origins in the agricultural past of the country, as well
as the geographical influence. Gastronomic traditions vary greatly among
islands and regions.

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