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Plastic Surgery

Mona Noormohammadi
ISM and Plastic Surgery
2018 Fall ISM Why did I chose my plastics?
Senior year I chose to finally • Dream career
look further into surgery and try • Making people happier
something different which was • Hands on

Why not plastics in 2018 of

2018 Spring ISM spring ISM?
When starting I was in Trauma • Tried to have a mentorship in
surgery because of the trill and this field however could not
excitement of it. find a mentor in the first year

My mentor and I

Before meeting
Before my first day, I was expecting nose jobs and cosmetic work. I thought I was
going to see younger people in their 20s or 30s. However it was not what I
expected to see. Many of the patients were elders and had some type of skin

Elderly people
Knowing many elderly people that come into the clinic and get
surgery because of skin cancer lead me to my product.

Not many nose jobs

When thinking of plastic surgery, I thought of cosmetic work and I
did not see much cosmetic work. I saw more reconstruction than I

Seeing babies
Not knowing much about plastic surgery, I did not know that babies
were part of plastics. It was a shocking experience and learned a
lot from this.
• How doctors want to do surgery but
insurance companies may interfere
• Patient care is just as important as
• At time doctors may or may not
know what a bump may be

What did I learn

during my research?
Mentorship Learning & Challenges
How plastic surgery is so diverse How it is about the people and not the money
Plastic surgery does not only one Seeing how my mentor is so motivated
specialty, it has many. Plastic surgery is to help people. Seeing how he fights
done head to toe and from newborns to with the insurance companies and
the very elders. It has soft tissue as well seeing how he tries to help people
as bony work – and there can involve a without insurance means he truly cares
mixture of reconstructive and cosmetic about his patients.

Meeting Terminology
Trying to meet with my mentor was hard Having my mentor have residents and
at time. Having school and other medical students, they usually have
assignments to do while having this conversations while I listen. When
mentorship can be difficult at times. Also having these conversations they use
seeing surgeries was very difficult when terms that I am not familiar with.
my mentors and I’s schedule do not line
How did I resolve my challenges?

• Managing my time
• Looking up terms
• Writing down notes
• Having a planner
• Asking questions
What is my product?

• 3 informational packet
• 3-D model
What is Basal Cell Carcinoma?
There is a
estimated 4.3
million cases
of basal cell

What are the symptoms? What are some risk factors?

• White, skin color or pink bump • Sun exposure
• A brown, black or blue wound • Radiation therapy
What are some preventions? What is the treatment?
• A flat, scabby, reddish area • Avoid sunlight • Electrodesiccation
• Fair skin
• A white, waxy, scar-like wound • Use sunscreen and curettage
• Age
• Wearing protective • Surgical excision
• Immune-suppressing
clothing • Freezing
What are the causes? drugs
• Avoid tanning beds • Mohs surgery
• The cell develops a mutation due • Gender
• Familiarity with your skin • Creams
to ultraviolet light • Exposure to arsenic
• Medications
• Inherited syndromes
What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

It is estimated 1
million cases of
Squamous cell

What are the symptoms?

• Firm, red bump
• A flat sore that is scabby What are some risk factors? What is the treatment?
• A sore or bump on or under a scar • Sun exposure What are some preventions? • Electrodesiccation
• Scabby patch on the lip that can • Radiation therapy • Avoid sunlight and curettage
be later an open sore • Fair skin • Use sunscreen • Surgical excision
• A red sore inside the mouth • History of precancerous • Wearing protective • Mohs surgery
• A red patch in anus or genitals skin cancers clothing • Creams
• Family history • Avoid tanning beds • Radiation therapy
What are the causes? • Weakened immune • Familiarity with your skin • Laser therapy
• The cell develops a mutation due system • Curettage and
to ultraviolet light • Rare genetic disorder cryotherapy
• Medications
What is Malignant Melanoma?

1 in 50
Americans will

What are the symptoms? What are some risk factors?

• Change in a mole • Sun exposure
• New pigment growth • Using tanning beds
• Fair skin What are some preventions?
• History of precancerous • Avoid sunlight What is the treatment?
What are the causes? skin cancers • Use sunscreen • Chemotherapy
• The cell develops a mutation due • Family history • Wearing protective • Surgical excision
to ultraviolet light • Weakened immune clothing • Radiation therapy
system • Avoid tanning beds • Biological therapy
• Having many moles • Familiarity with your skin • Targeted therapy
• Rare genetic disorder
Basal Cell

Squamous Cell
Carcinoma Malignant Melanoma
Basal Cell Squamous Cell
Malignant Melanoma
Carcinoma Carcinoma
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