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Quick Guide for FBS/RCS Project Leads

FBS/RCS Coaches
June 10, 2013
Purpose and Objective

This quick guide provides important information about the FBS/RCS that can help
project leads who are not familiar with the FBS/RCS processes to run the FBS/RCS
projects. This guide does not intended to replace the FBS/RCS
presentation/information that is currently available in the SAP CD methodology.

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Tips & Tricks

 Project Lead shall setup a regular meeting with FBS/RCS coach if he/she does not familiar
with the processes and tools of FBS/RCS e.g. cProject, Program Repository, PSC tools
 Project Lead shall create the Program Repository him/herself so right authorization can be
obtained from the beginning. Reach out to your FBS coach if help is needed.
 Review “Release Planner” in Program Repository often to ensure the accuracy and
 Maintain correct “Program Core Roles” in the Program Repository
 For mobility project, ensure Product Version (PV), Software Component Version (SCV)
follows the naming convention guideline for mobility project
 Get engage with Production Project Lead (PPL) early to synch up on expectations and
 For cProject tasks, check cPro “Info page” and reach out to coach or contact person of that
particular task if it is unclear or don’t know how to proceed
 Use One-click Q-Gate where applicable.
 Automation feasibility check for any FBS and decision when to start the automation in the
 Creation of test strategy during early design phase to include all planning and scheduling of
different types of testing like mentioned: Accessibility, Exploratory, All pair testing, Usability
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Time Consuming Tasks

The following tasks are often take long time to complete. It is recommended to start them
 Product Standard: engage architect early in planning/execution
 Accessibility Testing
 Performance Testing
 Security Testing
 Technical Language Testing (TLT) as part of globalization product standard
 System request and setup should be done early (normally requires 2-3 weeks)
 OneVoice process
 Pricing process
 RTC re-planning workflow

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

 If re-planning is needed, do it as soon as possible. Approval process may take long time
 If you need to move RTC date, it is easier to do before P2D. After P2D, RTC re-planning
approval process is needed.

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Thank you

Contact information:
SAP CD FBS Coach https://community.wdf.sap.corp/docs/DOC-126644