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Be a Champ!

Know How to Top

SOF Olympiads
Like a Pro!
candidates for Qualifying SOF Level 1

……….Time to prepare for level 2 exams

Level 2 will be
held for
classes 3 to
Pen and NO
paper exams NEGATIVE
with Multiple
Choice Questions
SOF Level 2
SOF Level 2 60
IMO Syllabus
similar to
1st level
Exam 2019 is to be to complete
the exam Conceptually
Held on complex and

difficult in standard

February 2019
Rs.50,000/- Each + Gold
Medal*+ Certificate of
Outstanding Performance

2nd level winners of NSO, IEO &

IMO will be Awarded as
International & Zonal
Rs.25,000/- Each + Silver
toppers of classes 3 to 12. Medal*+ Certificate of
Outstanding Performance

For NCO, IGKO & ICSO and class

1 & 2 winners of IEO, NSO & Rs.10,000/-
Each + Bronze
IMO – International & Zonal topper Medal*+ Certificate
awards will be provided to 1st level of Outstanding
winners as these are single level Performance
SOF Olympiads intends to enlighten the aptitude in children,
and for which no extra efforts are needed, just the right approach is
needed. With barely a month left for the exam, this is your time to
touch new heights, and aim for the Gold Medal.
7 Most Proven Key Tips to get

1 st Rank
in SOF Level 2 Olympiads
[Lock Your Study Schedule ]
1. Divide your study time between
school studies and SOF Olympiad preparation.

2. Invest minimum 1-2 hours every

day for SOF Level 2 Olympiad preparation.
3. Follow your study scheduler

4. Take adequate breaks in between

the study time.
[Know the Exam Pattern]
1. Practice Previous Years
Papers of SOF Level 2 Exams
(NSO, IMO and IEO) to get
familiar with exam-pattern.
2. Practice sample
papers as it will give you a
fair idea about the pattern of
exam, time limit and the type of
questions asked.
[Get Well-adapted To Exam-environment ]
#3 Olympiad Skill
1. Take
Development System (OSDS)
2. Questions in OSDS are based on
latest exam pattern, well
elaborated with detailed explanations.
3. OSDS simulates the actual exams.
 It consists of 8 Practice Test Papers, (PDF
 It includes OMR answer sheet
[Online Test Papers]
Take All India SOF Level 2
Mock Test Series
1. To know your weak and strong
2. To know where do you stand in the
3. To know the correction measures to
[Refer to Most Relevant Resources]
MTG Learning Smart Series
especifically designed to-

1. Help students to hone their skills

that are required to crack the
Olympiad exams conducted by SOF.

2. Help to prepare for Olympiads along

with your school studies.
[Learn Some Memory Boosters]
1. To improve your MEMORY with
better learning techniques.
2. To achieve your goal with better

Read Study Tips and Tricks from

improve your memory, overcome exam
anxiety, learn tricks for rapid calculations, etc.
[Stay Focussed & Positive]

1. Avoid logging in to social

media and doing other
distracting activities.
2. Stay positive, Stay
Cool and work towards the
3. Eat healthy and maintain
healthy lifestyle, it boosts
SOF Olympiads are not difficult,
they are just different and the questions
are based on the understanding
of concepts. You just need to
study in right direction with
right resources to build a strong
foundation to

CRACK SOF Olympiads!

Power-Packed Resources for SOF Olympiads:
All The Best!