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Simulations of large-scale cybersecurity incidents and EU-wide cyber crises

Advanced technical cybersecurity incidents

Business continuity and crisis management situations

Exciting scenarios, inspired by real-life events

National and international cooperation

Flexible learning experience

Incidents concerning the IT, telecommunication and cybersecurity industries

Potential impacts in other sectors as well, sub-scenarios can easily be integrated

The technical cybersecurity incidents include:

 forensic and malware analysis
 mobile devices infection
 malvertisement campaigns
 open source intelligence
 analysis of DDoS, and many more…
ENISAs Cyber Exercise Platform (CEP) offers an integrated exercise environment
with incident material, quizzes, simulated news websites, social media, file sharing
platforms, security blogs, a simulated internet infrastructure, etc.

Participants will use their own working environment to connect to CEP and access
the exercise information

October 2016, for two days. Exact dates to be communicated upon registration.
Each month as from April 2016 and until October, a new piece of the puzzle will be
Not mandatory, but fun and a good preparation for October
Incidents will be available until end of exercise, re-opened in 2017 for self-paced

IT security and business continuity/crisis management teams
The scenario requires knowledge in cybersecurity issues
There will be different types of topics, expertise in all of them is not required by a
single team.
Participating organisations will vary by country, for example
• National cybersecurity agencies, CSIRTs, relevant ministries, relevant public agencies, regulators,
cybercrime units, ISPs, mobile services providers, cloud service providers, data centres,
cybersecurity service providers such as antivirus companies, private CSIRTs.

Join in the exercise as early as possible to familiarize with the infrastructure and
apprehend the unfolding crisis!
Attend technical trainings. ENISA offers some on several of the technical
cybersecurity topics.
 ENISA can deliver trainings on-location
 Alternatively, download the material on our website: handbook, toolset and
virtual images.

It is a great opportunity to test internal business continuity and IT security policies

IT security teams will have hands-on incident handling opportunities

Can develop working relationships with competent national authorities and private

Find out the actors at national and European level when it comes to cyber crises

Be part of the growing EU community of IT security specialists

Have fun!
National planner for Croatia: Darko Perhoc, National CERT

ENISA: c3@enisa.europa.eu