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 Usual requirements

 The minimum requirements for a family units are living room,

kitchen, bath and WC.
 The usual requirements of a normal residential units are
 bath and WC
 Bedroom
 Dining room
 Drawing room
 Garage
 Kitchen
 Living room
 Open chowk
 Passage
 Stair
 Store, Verandah
 Types of residential bldg
 Rural & Urban residential bldg
 Urban residential bldg
 1) Detached bldg (Bungalow)
 2) Flats or apartments
 3) Row houses
 4) Semi detached bldg
 Detached bldg:- is provided
 Enough land is available for construction of an in depended
residential bldg.
 Land is cheaply available
 Enough budget is available for getting desired elevation and
other decorative feature for the building.
 The architecture get enough liberty to design his bldg in the best
possible manner
 Better workmanship, superior quality of material is selected
 Develop a plan, elevation & section to a suitable
scale for a single storey residential building
which is to be on a 12 x 18 m size of plot facing
main road on east side having following
1. Drawing cum dining room
2. Two bed room
3. Kitchen cum store
4. Bath & WC
5. Stair cabin
6. If necessary provide passage and verandah
where required. Assume additional data,
dimension and take FSI-1.0 & permissible built
up area 40 %.
 Semidetached house may also be either single
storeyed or two storeyed
 It is next in grade to the detached house.
 Such houses have one wall common with the
adjacent house. However, each of the dwelling
loses aspect of the one direction and prospect
from that side.
 The loss of aspect will not be felt particularly if
the party wall is running from west to east or
vice versa, particularly when western aspect is
desirable for bed rooms to get advantage of the
prevailing wind.
 This house assumes the excellent co-operation of
both the dwellers.
 Flats or Apartment
 Due to urban land has become exorbitant in cost and
ordinary person prefer to live near city area
 The modern construction techniques have accelerated the
growth of flats in urban area and beautiful artistic multi
storied bldg.
 Advantage:-
 Getting good prospect ,aspect
 Enough parking space available on ground floor
 The four sides is open of bldg.
 The nos of flats on each floor and total nos of floors are to be
carefully decided by keeping in mind the prevailing building
bye laws of the local authority
 Require great skill and attention on the part of architecture.
 In this system, a number of dwelling units are
located by the side of each other in a row,
having front and rear verandah or balcony for
 Each unit has narrow frontage.
 Usually there are two rooms one kitchen cum
dining & another a bed cum living.
 Sanitary conveniences for such type of housing
system are generally in common and located in a
separate room either at the end of the row of
suites or centrally behind the row.
 The means of access to the individual units and
services are front and rear verandahs jointed by
lobby or corridor to a stair case.
 Incase of two storey row house a dwelling
unit may be planned on the first floor. All
such units are arranged in a row.
 Row houses are superior to chawls and
cheaper than block of flats.

Resident Type Area of plot (M2) Frontage in (m)

Row House 50-125 4.5 to 8
Semidetached 125-250 8 to 12
Detached More than 250 More than 12