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Age Differences in Age Perceptions and Developmental Psychology of ADULTS and

Psychology of KIDS Psychology of TEENAGERS
Transitions SENIOR CITIZEN :

Kids and teacher Teenagers and teacher Senior citizens with friends :
relation : relation : At this age they become more
William J. Chopik Ryan H. Bremner David J. Johnson Hannah L. Giasson While interacting They have some maturity like kids and also becomes less
with kids, teacher in them. So the teacher mature as compared to adults.
needs to deal with deals with them So when they are with same age
When do we stop being considered “young”? If individuals could choose to
them very politely. differently. group, they don’t do serious
be any age, what would it be?
• In a sample of 502,548 internet respondents ranging in age from 10 to
89, they examined age differences in aging perceptions
• Older adults reported older perceptions of aging
• The age to which individuals hope to live dramatically increased
after age 40. Older adults placed the age at which developmental
transitions occurred later in the life course.
Perceptions of Aging :
In the current study, we operationalize aging perceptions as evaluations Kid and family relation Teenagers with friends : Senior citizen with
individuals tie to different ages by reporting They start to share their kids
(a) the age they would like to ideally be emotions with each
(b) the age they feel like other. And also start
(c) the age they hope to live until interacting with others
(d) how old other people think they are. very easily.

• Social psychology of people differs while interacting with

different age groups.
• The behaviour and thoughts also differs.
Psychology of a child
Child and mother relation :
When a child is with her
mother, he feels secure and
happy. And when he is with Kids in society : Kids with friends :
Adults with senior citizens :
other family members or They have fear of facing to the They have the same kind of
They take care of children as well
strangers, he feels insecure strangers. So they behave thinking. So they enjoy their
as elders.
and starts crying. differently. company.