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By Miss Megan Donoff
Christ Lutheran Costa Mesa
Teacher Candidate 2019
Teacher Leadership Project for Teacher Candidate Program CSUF

How can I improve
communication and
experience for teachers To create functional
and international communication systems to
families? share expectations and
progress between teachers,
families, and administration.
Anything resonate or surprise you?
Expectations Enrollment Communication

I need clearer knowledge of How are students How can I talk to these
my expectations and theirs. chosen/enrolled? parents?

International Visitor Helpful Forms Orientation and

Handbook Post Assessment Progress Report
US Culture
What are our international visitors told about us as United States Americans?

• the quickest way • Don’t be surprised • Most Americans • Handshaking is

to lose their if your U.S. automatically keep an appropriate
respect is to show acquaintances think a distance of about greeting
up late that Koreans speak three feet from • if you accidentally
Chinese and others
• missing the first Colombia is a city in
brush against a
day of class, or Mexico. • If you find stranger always
even an • Maybe it’s because
someone backing say “Excuse Me”
assignment due the U.S. is such a away from you, or “Sorry,” even if
date, is considered big place, but some just stop moving the other person
disrespectful of its residents have closer was responsible
little knowledge of
the rest of the world

Timeliness Geographic Personal Physical

Isolationism Space Contact

*By Christine E. Burgoyne, Public Service Faculty, American Language Program

How have you recognized the international student’s culture?

Try it! – Let’s Brainstorm ideas together

International Student

1. Teacher-Parent
The Challenge 2. Teacher-Office
3. Uniformity

Proverbs 12:25 (ESV) “Anxiety in a

man’s heart weighs him down, but a
good word makes him glad.”

Try it! - High 5 Communication Exercise

Action Plan Post-
of students


International Visitor Handbook
See handout

Available in new folder on drive:

International Visitor Resources under Teacher Resources in

Google Drive
New Forms
Student Info Progress Reports Exit Report

Before During After

missions are
coming to you!

Teach students to
be missionaries.

Matthew 28:16-20
Survey Activity

End Presentation
Brainstorming Ideas

The following slides are part of the brainstorming activity

from slide 10. They were created by staff members at
Christ Lutheran and not by the Teacher Candidate.
Build google slides with pictures of their homes, cities, plants, animals, and add the
words that go with each…

Make a list of holidays celebrated throughout the year…

What is their favorite meal or dessert...bring a sample for the class…

Plan your dream trip around the world of where you would love to go...
Connecting with Culture -- Mrs. Tornow
Celebrate cultural holidays - have students share their traditions

Read stories/read-alouds based in their country

Have the student teach common phrases - hello, how are you, etc.

Create a double bubble map - similarities and differences of student’s home and

Students with less English ability - create an English/home language picture

dictionary of common school words
Learn common phrases in the international student’s language
-Good morning, thank you, please, and so forth

Research cultural differences

-how do you celebrate birthdays
-What are your main holidays
-teach them what Thanksgiving and Fourth of July means in America. What
similar holidays are in your culture?
-What are the common foods in your culture? What foods can we introduce
from our culture?

Pen pal with the international student while they are in your classroom.
-This could be treated as journaling, simple letter writing, and even oral
Lots of sharing - similarities/differences with
Virtual Field Trip
Lots of Books & visuals, pictures, etc.
Skype - but time difference
Who are the big influencers in their culture
Language - simple words - making dictionary/translator book
How can we use our students to teach them about our
cultures without being disrespectful or rude in the primary
● Comparing and contrasting us to them; use books to

What is school like in your country?

● Desks, supplies, chromebook?
● Recess - how many?
● Favorite activity in school
● Describe your home (siblings, pets?)
Bresemann :)
Art projects comparing and contrasting methodology of
specific types of art or expression of art within our culture.