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Name : Laudry Denis

Date and place : Jakarta,25 December 1995
Address : Jl. Cipinang muara 3 No. 15 C
Hobby : Tennis
Gender : Female
Religion : Protestan
Status : Single Parent

Education :
1. SDN 09 PG Cipinang Jakarta Timur
2. SMP 243 Jakarta
3. SMA Budhaya 2 ST.Agustine Jakarta
4. STMT Trisakti Logistic 2015
 PT Paragon Technology Innovation (PTI)
in 1995 launched its latest product labeled halal
cosmetics beauty brand Wardah (from Arabic, means
roses). The emergence of these products is based on
awareness of the owners of related companies
cosmetic products containing ingredients not in
accordance with Islamic law.
Company strategy
The strategy used by companies Wardah is mix, in the form of segmentation can be
based on psychographic and demographic aspects of consumer behavior based on
religious. Target a potential market for the marketing of cosmetic products are the
Muslim consumers around the age of 25-34 years with the lower middle class.
Positioning Muslim cosmetic products awarded with an emphasis on quality
excellence and quality at an affordable price and have a halal certificate by the
1. strenght
1. In accordance WITH the price of the bag Student
2. Many student / student (ABG) which using Beauty Products
3. Marketing Very Spacious thus found Easy
4. Products bervariatif
5. Article Search Google label halal wearing MAKE MORE Broad Market share
(including a Muslim woman)

2. weakness
1. Promotions do NOT incentive
2. 2. Product Packaging less attractive
3. 3. His brand Less Famous
4. 4. ON-oriented Wardah female segment so hard to develop a line of products
review AT segments man
5. 5. Community mempresepsikan Wardah as lawerincome so the quality is
3. OPPORTUNITIES Halal label that emphasized
making Wardah has more value than any other cosmetic
Wardah very familiar with the students / student

4. Threats Many cosmetic quality at prices that are still

within reach (Revlon, Maybelline) Growth could slow
sales of products that make newcomers ejecting Wardah
Penetrasi pasar
 In doing market penetration, wardah continue to
maximize omnipresence through on media advertising
television, print or increase services on the counter as
consultation make up. in addition wardah also active
in the fashion show events and makeup a sponsor for
film.One of them in film a wide screen habibi ainun
Pengembangan Pasar
 Wardah memiliki kompetensi yang sudah diakui
masyarakat dalam menciptakan produk yang halal.
Sehingga dengan tetap berfokus pada kompetensinya
dan lebih memilih strategi memperluas segmen
pasar,resiko yang ditanggunng tidak akan sebesar
apabila Wardah mengambil strategi pengembangan
produk diluar kompetensinya.
Pengembangan Produk
 Dalam kasus Wardah, berusaha untuk memperluas
segmen pasarnya wardah tetap mencoba
mengembangkan produk baru untuk pelanggan
setianya saat ini.Salah satu conto pengembangan
wardah adalah Hj dan Umrah Series, yaitu paket
produk perawatan kulit untuk mereka yang sedang
berada di tanah suci.
 Strategi ini merupakan strategi yang paling beresiko
karena perusahaan mencoba untuk membuat produk
baru yang mungkin diluar kompetensinya,untuk dijual
pada pasar yang benar-benar baru pula.
Companies in quadrant 1 has an strategic perfect .In this condition strategy
appropriate is concentrate on the market penetration and market development and
concentrate on the product ( developers a product ) .

Companies at quadrant 2 be necessary to serious evaluate they approach to the

market .

Companies at quadrant 3 compete in the growth slow and has an competitive weak .

Companies at quadrant 4 have strong position competitive but located in in industry

growth slow .
Why Wardah In Position 4?
 Because there are so many competitors who would go
in foreign , especially from korea so much the market
wardah absorbed or taken over by beauty product
korea.selain wardah that having a share market
products at lipstick about 12.4 % which means still in
position was .
Pengembangan Pasar (Market

Ada banyak cara yang dilakukan Wardah untuk mengaplikasikan strategi

ini, termasuk:
 Geografis pasar baru misalnya produk ekspor ke negara yang baru
contohnya dengan jaringan pemasaran kosmetik Wardah Indonesia
yang telah menjangkau Malaysia. Kosmetik Wardah di Malaysia dan di
Indonesia memiliki jenis dan kualitas yang sama, tapi Wardah
Indonesia bisa menggunguli Wardah Malaysia
 Dimensi atau kemasan produk yang baru, Produk kosmetika Wardah
demikian memikat hati konsumen. Dari tampilan luarnya atau
kemasannya berwarna indah, menyejukkan mata sehingga konsumen
Ingin secepatnya mencoba dan mendulang manfaatnya.
 Saluran distribusinya yang baru dengan pendistribusiannya dikelola
sendiri dengan 30 cabang yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia.
 Menerapkan kebijakan harga yang berbeda untuk menarik pelanggan
baru atau membuat segmen pasar yang baru.
 Conclusion
Products that have a narrow market segments such as
Wardah does have its own obstacles because it serves niche
market. The advantage is gained if the market has
segmented as narrow as this is a business rival is limited
because not all companies are able to enter in certain
specific segments, there will be natural selection
automatically and could so the company will be the
"master" of the market. If you already dominate the
market, the promotion will be something that is not prime.
Moreover, if it can be managed with a strategy that is
steady, it is not likely to be received at the target layer wider