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The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation (CoRe Group) is the pioneer for Values-based

Mediation, a process where people develop a keen awareness of the fundamental sets of values
that are most important to each of us. To many, these values include love, respect and
commitment. A deep understanding of these values leads us to clarity and focus in our lives.

When applied in the context of the community, it is only when one is in harmony with their most
basic values that they begin to recognize the values found in others. It is at this deep, personal
level where people discover and connect through innate human values that are often overlooked
amidst a world of diversity and conflict.

All programs developed and delivered by the CoRe Group revolve around this basic principle of
humanity. We invite you to take a look at our programs to see which suits you, your family, your
organization and community.


You can have a career as a Mediator and / or Dialogue Facilitator. Most
people have it as a second career or a retirement option. Learn more about
our courses that cover a wide array of topics.


Where your goal is to improve yourself or nurture family relationship, our
professional mentors can provide the assistance that you need.


We designed three basic types of programs to improve workplace
relationships. Click here to understand more how collaborative methodologies
can enhance your workplace environment.


These programs are not only for women. Find out how you can improve
gender sensitivity in your entire organization through the most basic skills.


These programs cover all types of social units including people connected by
geographic areas, ethnicities, values, activities and other social &
environmental factors. We have capacity building programs that aim to
nurture long-term collaborative community relationships.

3/F Commerce and Industry Plaza Building, 1030 Campus Avenue, corner Park Avenue, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines 1634
Telephone Numbers (632) 545-7441 * (632) 846-8196 (PCCI TL) loc. 132 * (0998)538-8809 (Smart)
Email Address: info@coregroup.org.ph * Website: www.coregroup.org.ph
Mediation Accreditation Courses

Title Duration Description

Accreditation Program as a Public Sector ADR 10 Days The Office for Alternative Dispute Resolution requires 80 hours of training in order to
receive accreditation. This program covers all topics required with additional modules
Provider on developing a mediator mindset to fully develop the practitioner.

Accreditation Program as a Private Sector 10 Days The course is designed for those who wish to be accredited with the National Center for
Mediation, a private sector institution that provides commercial mediation services to
Mediator for Business the business sector.

Cooperative Sector Mediator Program 10 Days Mediation at the cooperative level has proven to be effective in resolving cases,
particularly those that affect the liquidity of the organization, as well as its leadership.
Take the first step towards being accredited by your own coop by completing this 80-
hour course.

Deepening of Values Awareness Course: An 5 Days Designed for those who have completed the 80-hour mediation course, this is an
extension of the practical internship course where mediators shall handle actual dispute
Advanced Program for Mediators* cases. Mentors shall provide guidance for further enhancement of skills and deepening
of the mindset of a third party neutral.

Advanced Skills in Dialogue Facilitation 3 Days Designed for those who completed the basic mediation program, this is a workshop
introducing additional skills in handling issues between a larger group of stakeholders.

Personal & Family Development Programs

Title Duration Description

Mindfulness at Work and in the Home 4 Days over Mindfulness is a skill that promotes overall well being and happiness that helps us
effectively manage the stresses of our busy lives.
4 weeks

The Filipino Family Dinner Project

1. The First Family Date* 3 Hours This serves as an orientation workshop to initiating Family Dinner Projects in your home.

2. Family Visioning Seminar* 2 to 3 Days Members of the family will be brought together in a highly interactive fun-filled setting
with a goal of creating a Family Vision and Mission Statement. Corporations develop
their vision statement as a roadmap for success. Why not have a vision statement for
your family? It can serve to unify all family members to a particular goal.

3. The Family Mediator Training Course 5-10 Days A highly-specialized service offered to individuals who wish to mediate conflicts between

Dispute Resolution in Family Law and 1 Day A program designed for those who wish to improve relationships within family
businesses, spouses or siblings in the midst of inheritance issues and other family
Property Relations* property concerns.

Gender & Diversity Programs

Title Duration Description

Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Training 1 Day This course is open to all members of the organization. The primary goal is to expand
people’s appreciation of diversity through the gender lens.
Through Values-based Methodologies *
Capacity-building for Women Empowerment 3 Days This course is designed with a vision of enhancing the voice of women in the
organization. Women need to understand that the manner by which a message is
and Participation in the Organization * relayed is as important as the message. The course allows each participant to discover
her own set of values which she shall use as she relates with peers in the organization.

Providing Remedies for Gender Issues 4 Days The course is for all members of the organization. Operating in a traditionally male
dominated legal system, mediation is a mechanism that is most suitable for women as
the process promotes empowerment and party-autonomy. Mediation addresses any
imbalances brought about by gender differences because all parties have control of the

Alternative Dispute Resolution Completion 5 Days This course completes the basic requirements for accreditation with public or private
ADR bodies for those who wish to make a career out of mediation.
Dispute Resolution in the Workplace Programs

Title Duration Description

TRACK 1: Skills to Address Conflict & Promote Collaborative Relationships in the Workplace
1. Getting a Handle on Workplace 2 Days This program will guide the manager or HR professionals on how to deal with conflict effectively and
constructively. Modules will include conflict analysis and designing interventions that are non-
Conflict * adversarial while strengthening workplace relationships.

2. Developing Organizational 2 Days A growing number of employment disputes end up in courts or administrative agencies. When this
happens, your company’s costs and risks rise. You lose control over the process of managing conflict
Responses to Workplace Conflict * and the outcome. The program will introduce you to a wide range of interventions from negotiations,
dialogue, mediation and arbitration.

3. Comprehensive Mediation and 5-10 A program designed to develop mediators and dialogue facilitators capable of responding to a wide
range of issues that arise in the workplace setting.
Dialogue Skills Development for the Days
Workplace Customiza
TRACK 2: Installing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the workplace
1. Recent Trends in Workplace 2 Days Several relatively recent developments have propelled a cluster of topics to the forefront of workplace
conflict resolution. In this program, you will discuss timely and relevant topics on workplace violence,
Dispute Resolution* resolving equal employment opportunity disputes, dealing with unions, and international perspectives
on dispute resolution.

2. Design, Implementation and 3 Days Designing a comprehensive, integrated system to address organizational issues offers advantages over
Development of an Integrated Dispute a piecemeal approach. The program guides you in designing, piloting and implementing a mechanism
Resolution System * that works best in your organization.

TRACK 3: Workshops design at various stages of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or any negotiations involving labor and
management with a goal of bringing parties together to work collaboratively.
1. Civility in the Workplace: A Trust- 3 to 5 Civility is described in general terms as a social behavior characterized by formality, self-control and
politeness. Placed in the context of a community, it becomes a powerful framework for behavior that
Building Workshop Days parties may adhere to in managing stressful situations. This program aims to introduce tools that will
allow one to relate better with people, help nurture an environment of positivity and give people the
confidence to negotiate for a win-win solution.

2. Relationship by Objectives 3 Days Management and labor are brought together to agree upon a set of objectives which shall be used to
address specific issues. A framework for problem solving is established to guide future relationship. All
parties involved shall be equipped with skills necessary to maintain this positive, constructive

3. Joint Problem Solving Program 2 to 3 Training course brings together management and union to learn concepts and practice skills on
collaborative communications, consensus-building and joint problem solving in a safe classroom
Days environment. The program aims to prepare parties for future problem solving situations among

4. Employee Grievance Coaching Mediation professionals conduct private one-on-one coaching sessions to assist employees with
existing grievance to be clarified on issues, understand options and reach a decision on an action plan
based on informed choice. Employees choose their coaches from a roster of neutral third parties.

5. Workplace Grievance Intervention This is a speedy alternative to costly arbitration and litigation for organizations experiencing issues.
Grievances may be submitted before a professional mediator accredited by the Office for Alternative
Dispute Resolution (OADR).

TRACK 4: Organizational Development Modules

Leadership in Change 2-3 Days A new program supporting the process of change in any environment through the
development of internal self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

Values-based Leadership 2-3 Days Prof. Kraemer, author of From Values to Action writes that “the only true leadership is
values-based leadership”. This is a unique course that develops ones leadership skills by
reinforcing the fundamental principles by which each and every one of us relate with each

OTHER COURSES: Values-based Teambuilding Program Non-Adversarial Communications

Peer Mediation in Schools Manager as a Coach Social Dialogue Programs

Basic Collaborative Negotiations Organizational Excellence Through Shared Facilitation Skills for CSR Professionals
Vision & Values

Dealing with Large Public Disputes Stakeholder Engagement Company-Community Dialogue Skills