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English for Biology

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What is Agriculture?
Agriculture is the cultivation of
land and breeding
of animals and plants to
provide food, fiber, medicinal
plants and other products to
sustain and enhance life.
What is Fertilizer?
A fertilizer is any material of
natural or synthetic origin
(other than liming materials)
that is applied to soils or to
plant tissues to supply one or
more plant nutrients essential
to the growth of plants
Kind of Fertilizer
• Nitrogen Fertilizer
• Phosphate Fertilizer
• Potassium Fertilizer
• Compound Fertilizire
• Organic Fertilizer
Phonska plus
What is Phonska can used by
Phonska is one of
itself or by mixed
with another
fertilizer product
fertilizer such as
who included in
ZA, Urea, and KCl.
compound fertilizer
Mixing fertilizer
because it contains
depends on
of N, P, and K.
condition of the

How to use
What are phonska contained of?
N (Nitrogen) K2O (Kalium)
15% vegetative
developing 15 % of roots,
plants leaf growth flowers, seeds, fruit

Increases immunity
(resistance)of plants to Strong stem growth
pathogenic fungi movement of water in plants

S (Sulfur) P2O5 (Fosfat)

9% Zn 2000 ppm 15 %
Growth auxin hormones
What will
happen if given
• Containing N, P, K,
and S at once too much?
• Reduce soil fertility
• Soluble in water so • Damage the soil
it is easily absorbed structure
by plants • Reduce and suppress
• Increase plant beneficial soil
resistance to pest, microorganism
disease and drought populations

What are the

benefit ?
The Conclusion
• Fertilizer can helps farmer to
develops their corps because it has
good nutrition for plants. If fertilizer
is used with the appropriate dosage
and at the right time it will produce
maximum results. If it’s given too
much and too often that can
afeedted the plants and the other
Thank you for
the attention!