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THe Cold


What was the cold war
THe Cold War was the rivalry that developed
after World War II between the United
States and the Soviet Union and their
respective allies. The Cold War was Based on
politics, the economy, and the propaganda
that was a battle between Communism and
Truman Efforts
● The Truman Doctrine was an American foreign policy whose
purpose was to counter (communism)Soviet expansion.
Turkey and Greece were at the verge of turning communist
due to famine and a bad economy so truman sent giant
mules that would help farming and sooner or later would
help the country’s economy.
● IN 1948 American British and eventually german pilots
begin delivering food and supplies by airplane to Berlin
after the city was split and isolated by a Soviet Union
Eisenhower efforts
● Eisenhower Doctrine was when a Middle Eastern country
could request American economic assistance or aid from
U.S. military forces if it was being threatened by armed
● The New Look was the name given to the national security
policy of the United States during the administration of
President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It reflected Eisenhower's
concern for balancing the Cold War military
commitments of the United States with the nation's
Kennedy Efforts
● Bay of pigs: the aim was to provoke an uprising that would bring
about the overthrow of Fidel Castro, the left-wing (communist)
leader who had seized power in an armed revolt in 1959.This
made the united states look really bad.
● Traveled to Berlin (risky) and gave a speech that said “i'm a
Berliner” made the germans love him.
● approves sending 400 Special Forces troops and 100 other U.S.
military advisers to South Vietnam. On the same day, he orders
the start of clandestine warfare against North Vietnam
Who had the most positive impact
Harry Truman was the president that made
the most positive impact because he helped
directly fighting against communism he also
took a creative approach with the air lift
avoiding ww3 and feeding thousands of
people. The truman doctrine helped two
countries avoid communism with mules(
mules are the best). So yea truman won
because the other candidate didn't take a
wise approach.
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