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Lenovo Z2 Plus Review:

How Does It Fare?


The Lenovo Z2 Plus brings on a fortified rollcage design and body is of fiber
glass, which Lenovo claims is lesser in weight and stronger as compared to a
metal body.
The manufacturer additionally states that the fiber glass body helps improve
cellular quality and offers very efficient thermal management.
The issue is that in-spite of the considerable number of tricks, the
smartphone cannot be said to be having a premium look.

The display appears to be crystal clear and vibrant, in spite of the fact that the
colour propagation is a bit on the cold side.
The view angles are impressive and daylight legibility is additionally at about as
good as anyone might expect.
All things considered, the Z2 Plus display is in accordance with the rivals and
won't abandon you wanting.


The rear camera likewise accompanies PDAF and Electronic Image

This may sound impressive on paper however in actuality the camera is
not up to the mark.
Cell phones such as the LeMax 2 and ZenFone 3 offer better cameras at
nearly a similar price point.
Therefore, one can say that this area of the phone requires a technology


It accompanies a high density 3500mAh battery having an Intelligent

Charge Cut-off which assists to improve the battery life.
The Battery life is considered to be above average, enduring for the entire
day with average to heavy use.
With somewhat lighter workload, e.g. taking a couple of pictures and the
intermittent social media utilize, the handset can without much of a stretch
last you over a day.

- Ideal for one handed use
- Good performance
- Minimalistic design

- Internal memory expansion not feasible
- Camera not up to the mark