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Water Vision AG

The world is running dry!

About us

A drinking water solutions company based in

Hünenberg, Switzerland.

Water Vision has developed multiple drinking water

solutions allowing for consumers and entrepreneurs
worldwide to start their own business.

We are looking for agents and distributors worldwide.

Water Vision Worldwide

Head Office in Switzerland.

Representation Offices in Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa,
Namibia, India and Alaska.
Drinking Water Solutions

Air to Water Multiple Stage


Systems Bulk Water
Air to Water 1500
Air to Water 1500

Warm air is being collected

by a fan, moving warm and
humid air over cold coils.
When the warm air hits the
coils it starts to condensate.
Water droplets fall from the
coils into a container. The
water is then filtered and
ready for consumption.
Air to Water 1500


Primary 3-Stage Sediment water filtration < 0.2 micron

Secondary SCC (Solid Core Carbon) water polishing


Continuous UV lamp (Ultra violet germicidal) > 40mj/cm²

Air to Water 1500
Technical specifications

Produces up to 1 500Lt / 24Hrs, 45 000Lt per

Power Supply – 380V/420V - 3~ - 50Hz

Dimensions 2.00m x 1.72m x 1.92m Average Consumption – 16.2 kW/hr

Water Storage Capacity 500 Litres – Internal Maximum Consumption – 45.2 Ampère (18.9kW)

Net Weight 1 000kg (Empty) & 1 500kg (Full) U-304L Stainless Steel Frame & Casing

Epoxy coated aluminium fins with excellent

Working Temperature 15℃ ~ 42℃
hydrophilic properties

Working Humidity 30% ~ 95% G4 Coarse dust air filter < 100 micron/m³
Air to Water 1500
Unique Technology

Design Ambient Temperature - 8 to 40 Deg c. Altitude On board Logic Controller with Variable Speed fans to
0 to 1800 Meter ASL Working Humidity - 28 to 100 RH% keep machine performance optimal

Logic Controller has BMS Remote Web Monitoring

Body constructed out of U-304 L Stainless Steel
capability (Modbus 2.0/3.0)

Evaporator/Condenser Structure Made of Low Weight Machine Constantly Monitors Climatic Conditions,
Powder coated Aluminum Automatically switching to standby mode

Twin Condensing Systems Allowing 50% redundancy in

Major Alarm history kept for diagnostic Purposes
event of system failure

500 Liter on board High Grade 304 L Stainless Steel System fins are epoxy coated making water droplets to
storage tank release easily from surface
Air to Water 1500
Storage Tank

Storage tanks are an essential part of the system

2500 liter tank directly connected to the air to water production unit

Both air to water unit and container packed in a customized 20ft


Tank equipped with a circulation system and UV lights to prevent

algea forming

Additional metal frame for extra stability of the tank

Water Vision AG
Drinking Water Solutions

Air to Water Multiple Stage


Systems Bulk Water
Multiple Stage Filtration (MSF)
Multiple Stage Filtration (MSF)
Multiple Stage Filtration (MSF)
Unique Technology
Reliable water quality up to 99,999% retention of particles,
microorganisms, bacteria and viruses

Environmentally friendly due to chemical free operation

Suitable for feed water sources
Automatic operation
Low maintenance

Low operation costs

Plug’n play setup
Long lasting system components
Long system live span (15 years)
Multiple Stage Filtration (MSF)
The Rain Tec MSF systems are perfectly suited for applications where drinking water is needed
but little or no infrastructure is available.
Typical applications are:
Water supply for remote villages and

Apartment blocks Factories

Hotels Mines

Schools Refugee camps

Hospitals Military bases

Water kiosks
Water Vision AG
Drinking Water Solutions

Air to Water Multiple Stage


Systems Bulk Water
Humidification Systems & Bulk Water

Humidification Systems and Bulk Water are very

specific and complex topics of drinking water
production and water supply. If you are still interested
in these topics, feel free to contact the head office in

Water Vision AG | Rothusstrasse 23 | 6331 Hünenberg | Switzerland

+41 41 740 20 50



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