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Japan has the highest density
of robots in the world. There are
approximately 800,00
industrial-use robots in
operation around the world, and
fully half of them in Japan. That's
about 1 robot for every 310
people in Japan.

The biggest lake in Japan is Lake Biwa,
situated in Shiga Prefecture,
near Kyoto. It is 670.3 sq. kms. in area,
with 450 streams and rivers entering
along its 235 km. shoreline. Its
maximum depth is 103 meter The
name Biwa refers to a 4-string lute-like
instrument whose shape the lake
resembles. The lake supplies water to
14 million residents of the area.

An informative speech is
given for the purpose of
providing information about
a topic to the audience.
Examples of Informative Speech:

1. College professor
lecturing on a specific
topic during a class.
Examples of Informative Speech:
2. Guest speaker
presenting information
to a group of students
about how to apply for
Examples of Informative Speech:

3. Company president
presenting information
about last quarter's sales
to a group of board
Examples of Informative Speech:

4. Pastor teaching a
class about the meaning
behind Holy
Communion in the
Christian Church.
Examples of Informative Speech:

5. Doctor talking to a
group about ways to
avoid heart disease.
• Prime Minister
Analyze the text about
Japan . Note the
significant information
through a graphic


Details Details Details

My Task
Compose an informative speech by
applying appropriate conjunctions
to connect ideas. Use the
information from the text. Write it
on a one whole sheet of paper.
Content Organization Mechanics
60 % 25 % 15 %
And Because But First …
due to
or however second
likewise nevertheless
As next
Moreover in view of While
nor in order that whereas
similarity In as much as yet Before
Further Although eventually
more though then
as a consequence
also consequently even though After
In addition So that Despite this
besides since
so lastly
Our Task

Deliver the best

informative speech
from your group.
Choose a
Content 40 %

Organization 25 %

Delivery 20 %

Cooperation 15 %
Pose – Pause - Post
Instructions : Analyze the statement . Determine whether each
illustrates an informative speech . Write Pose if it is an
informative otherwise write Post.
1. A lawyer presenting the most relevant laws with the
Indigenous Peoples.
2. A scientist who introduces his discovery.
3. Essayist who lectures aspirant writer.
4. A teacher who is talking with someone on the phone.
5. Catriona Gray delivers her farewell speech.
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